Bradley Wiggins : Giro d’Italia protest is a shambles

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The former winner of the Tour de France offered his opinion on the live coverage of the Italian Grand Tour by British Eurosport, saying that he would have gone along with the refusal to ride the opening half of the stage as a rider, but that becoming a retired pro offered him insight on the situation, saying that it is a privilege for riders to race the Giro d’Italia.

“I think riders have a duty to ride and that’s why they’re professional cyclists because they’re doing something that average people, something of this nature, consider themselves as unable to do.”

Wiggins says the entire episode reveals the lack of solidarity among the riders, and that the union of the CPA riders does not behave like a union.

Compared to other professions such as those working in healthcare and those who only ride their bikes for fun, the 40-year-old commented on his argument that becoming a professional cyclist is a luxury in today’s world, adding the fact that the Giro d’Italia is even able to take place this year should mean riders make the most of it.

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