Selle Italia Looking Towards the Future With Their Release of Latest Saddle


New Eco-Sustainable Saddle by Selle Italia

After the success of the initial Model X Green Superflow saddle just over a year ago, Selle Italia are set to launch a new and improved version dubbed ‘Comfort+’.

This new model is equipped with even further padding, and is again aimed at those who are looking for an environmentally conscious choice when accessorising their bike or e-bike.

This the latest product to emerge from their ‘Green-Tech’ production process, which Selle Italia conceive with the lowest environmental impact possible. Without the inclusion of glues and polyurethanes, Selle Italia are able to significantly reduce their CO2 emissions during production.

The saddle, which the company say has been made with e-bikes at the forefront of their innovation, boasts several new core components.

Firstly, to better handle increased speeds and to dissipate any shock impact through the bike, the ‘Total Gel’ feature which encases the entire unit is designed to provide even greater comfort and stability for the rider.


Model X Superflow Comfort+ ‘Green’


However, what propels this newer model into the future of innovative bike tech is the ‘Flex Control’ feature. The flexibility this affords the rider means it has been specifically designed to give equal balance to both sides of the product.

As pictured, the left and right side of the saddle are split in two and move in conjunction to whichever way the rider’s balance is shifted, creating a more responsive and therefore cushioned experience.

While the market for saddles is often flooded with claims of innovation and a ‘new-feel’, these often feel like empty words. However, there is certainly something different about Selle Italia’s new ‘Comfort+’ model.


Model X Superflow Comfort+ ‘Green’


What stands out from a consumer point of view is both its functionality and its target price range. When looking further afield without breaking the bank for a mid-top range piece of equipment such as this, it is hard to come by something that bridges the gap; enter the ‘Comfort+’.

At €59.60 (just over £50), it is significantly cheaper than brands such as Specialized and Fizik, and although they may be nearing the top of the range saddles, this feels close to kind of quality you’d come to expect from them.

The most defining feature however is Selle Italia’s persistence to complete every aspect of the product with the environment in mind. For many bike riders, and in particular those looking to get into e-bikes, the step into the world of cycling may have many paths; it may be for travelling, or simply a hobby.

However, for many, it is a conscious effort to reduce their ecological footprint, and Selle Italia will only continue to help in this effort by doing their bit for the consumer.

While it may seem like an insignificant step, it is one that must be applauded, particularly when they are manufacturing and shipping across the globe.

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