Why bike mirrors are the essential safety item this summer


Why bike mirrors are the essential safety item this summer

The summer months are finally hitting and when the sun comes out there is one thing on our minds. And that’s cycling! Whether that’s taking our bikes out onto the countryside roads or simply exploring the cities with our families in tow. However, cyclists aren’t the only ones who get that famous sense of adventure this time of year. The hot weather also brings out car drivers and motorcyclists. And, sadly, as we all know, more motorists on the road means more potential accidents. Especially for cyclists. In fact, studies have shown that between May and September, bike accidents, including fatalities, increase drastically.


The best way to help prevent this, as cyclists, is to make ourselves more aware of what is happening on the roads around us. We can see forwards and we can see side-to-side, but we can’t always see what’s behind us without turning our heads. And when trying to focus on a busy road, this is not only a dangerous manoeuvre for our necks but it’s also a road safety risk. Bike mirrors are a great solution to deal with this. Sprintech provides mirrors for all kinds of bikes to make safety the number one point whilst cycling. Mirrors are often overlooked as an essential piece of bike safety equipment, yet a car can’t even set off without having several of them for protection. And with bike users having just as much right to use the hectic roads as cars, it’s puzzling that they don’t come with them too.


According to research, the majority of accidents happen due to driving failures, such as vehicles turning into a cyclist’s path, opening cars doors and pulling out of junctions – all without looking out for bike riders. This shows that there is so much more power for cars on the road than there is for cyclists. So, wouldn’t it be great if cyclists could take some of that power back with something as simple as a bike mirror?

On the road

Luckily, Sprintech has bike mirrors for both straight-bar and drop-bar bikes. So, whether we are training for a competition around the countryside or are commuting on the busy city streets, they have cyclists covered. The mirrors are easily attachable and let people see what is going on behind them without playing guessing games. Having been going for nearly 30 years, Sprintech is more than expert in both the safety and mirror field and use high-quality materials to provide something that’s not only secure but is extremely durable too. And, in their creation, they have even considered environmental aspects! But the latter aside, safety is their main concern.

This invention was born after the creator Carlo Dondo had multiple bike accidents on the roads. Therefore, with Sprintech bike mirrors being made by an actual cyclist with the first-hand experience in how hard road cycling can be, we know it’s a product that genuinely has bicyclists in mind. What these mirrors are essentially doing is taking away the blind sport that makes bike users vulnerable to bigger and more powerful things on the road. The mirrors are not only simple to install but they are easy for cyclists to adapt to as well.


Whilst campaigns are happening to make the roads safer, bicyclers need an instant solution to avoid the threats of the road. Tens of thousands of cycling accidents occur across the globe each year with some being more serious than others. As cyclists, we need to stay as safe as possible and sometimes wearing a helmet and checking around us is just half the battle. If a bad driver is coming behind us, we may have no idea of the actions they are taking. Therefore, having a mirror keeps us more aware and whilst it may not be the final piece of cycling safety, it does make a huge difference.

Salon de Genève. Carlo Dondo

Safety is key when it comes to enjoying a great bike ride. After all, we want to be enjoying the sun and the atmosphere without the risk of an accident that could easily be avoided. It won’t be long before a bike mirror becomes an essential piece of a cycling kit. Knowing it is there not only provides us with security, but it also helps keep us relaxed. And in knowing that all bases are covered, we have an added peace of mind too. Whilst out and about on a bike, make sure to keep everyone safe with a Sprintech mirror.

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