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BIKE Magazine is the UK’s worldwide publication for getting out and enjoying your cycling. With specialist features on leisure, touring, commuting and family cycling we aim to inspire regular riding. BIKE Magazine covers the whole world of cycling, including enjoying yourself off the bike too. So we do feature cycling book and film reviews, and regularly cover cycling in the arts.

This photography contest is a new way to show to the readers more divers artworks through the pictures. We would like to give this opportunity to photographers to publish their works, show the pictures to the readers and cycling community.

I am very glad to join you and represent our international jury panel.

Words can not describe how grateful I am for the artists because of their amazing artworks, the devotion of the BIKE Magazine team and the hard work of our international jury panel, Harrison Dean Caldwell and Esteban Benavidez.

Photographers could enter in eight categories. We got artworks from professional and amateur photographers, so we needed to make fair decisions. The review process was not easy. All projects were amazing, special and impressive. They all deserve prizes but we had to make a decision.

When it comes to your work, and the reasons why we chose these pictures, I would like to emphasise the importance of three concepts: story, style and expression.

It is my pleasure to announce the winners.

The First Place and the Grand Winner of the BIKE Magazine Photography Contest 2021 and will be the Photographer of the year 2021 is:

Edward Xue

The Second Place of the BIKE Magazine Photography Contest 2021 is:

Ismael Ruiz

The Third Place of the BIKE Magazine Photography Contest 2021 is:

Alex Huefner

The Special Award of the BIKE Magazine Photography Contest 2021 goes to:

Salva Fonolla, Eric Tkindt and Valerio Ferraro

Category Winners:

Sport: Juan Aizpuru

Nature: Vincent Croce and Robert Apjok

Cycling during pandemic: Stefania Molinari

Pro cycling: Javier Martínez de la Puente Azcárate

Cycling holiday: Anthony Reed

Touring – exploring a city: Giovanni Stalloni

Touring – exploring the wild: Martin Siering and Cristian Zuelli

Open theme: Dario Lo Presti and Chieko Tanemura

Congratulations to all winners entries of the BIKE Magazine Photography Contest 2021 and thank you to everyone who participated in the competition.

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February 2021


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