Africap: The Company Bringing Cycle Hats to Life With Vibrant Designs

Africap Fusing Cycling and African Ankara

Africap is bringing a wave of freshness to cycling with their impossibly vibrant hat designs.

Attempting to fuse the world of cycling with African Ankara prints, the company has been inspired by the intersection of fashion and biking and the designs certainly mirror that.

Sourced and handmade in a variety of West African countries, each cap is named after a particular region and tells its own story. In their latest collection for example, you can find designs such as ‘Osu’, a neighbourhood in Accra, Ghana, and ‘Cocody’, a suburb in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. As a consumer, this helps you feel so much more connected to the product you are investing in.


(Image Credits: Africap)


The fabric is incredibly light but maintains that reassuring feel of quality and strength that you are inevitably going to need while out on two wheels. While there is an undoubted practicability, the cap’s designs are what really stand out. The owner M. Sesay, a self-confessed British raised Sierra Leonean, says;

“To be honest I started wearing cycling caps way before I even started to cycle seriously. Whilst I seldom cycle without one, I think they can be worn in almost any setting whether it be for other sports or going out for coffee or just with friends.

“Cycling gave me the idea but these caps are for everyone.”


Africap Owner (Left) M. Sesay (Image Credits: Africap)


Indeed, they catch the eye regardless of whether you are choosing to cycle or not. Inspired by African Ankara prints, the various designs all make use of vibrant and vivd colours and wonderfully intricate patterns, all with a strong West African influence that makes them feel truly authentic. As well as this, they are plastic free and ethically sourced, and make use of local people in the various regions to manafacture and hand-make the caps.

You can find their latest collection here by following the link below.


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