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From Breezing Along in the UK to Cycle-Touring Across France

I loved being a volunteer leader for Breeze. It was just a few hours once a month and it gave me the structure I needed to get out of the house. I shouldn’t have needed an excuse to get out on my bike for two or three hours a month, but the…
Touring Across France

Inspirational Cycling Mallorca

Cycling Mallorca I think we are all aware that Menorca is much quieter and less commercialised than it’s more vibrant, vocal and gregarious cousin. The reputation of Magaluf and Palma Nova is legendary for all the wrong reasons, but I wanted to experience the real Majorca. It’s common knowledge amongst…
Cycling Mallorca

Truly European Cycling Dream

European cycling How it all really began was with one simple question. Sitting up straight and serious on the couch one day Colm asked “do you want to see the world by bike?” He thought laughing would follow, but instead a face that instantly lit up with excitement stared back…
European cycling

How to survive the ever enchanting shepherd dogs

A few years ago, on one of longer trips we made in northern Greece, we were rolling carefree talking about random stuff on one of the beautiful provincial roads of the Grevena area. Coincidentally at one point, on my right I spotted a white dot  appearing to be descending the…
shepherd dogs


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Ragley’s Bikes for 2021

For 2021, Ragley “will not be reinventing the wheel” in his own words. The 2021 line-up is simply a continuation of what Ragley is best known for – bikes with…

Latest GP5000 from Continental

Three new models of its famous Grand Prix 5000 tyre have been announced by Continental. A new colour choice that Continental has called “transparent” is perhaps the most interesting of…

Coros Linx Smart Cycling Helmet

The Coros Linx smart cycling helmet was a Kickstarter success story, amassing an impressive $320,000 – six times its $50,000 funding goal . This year at CES, the company is…

Can I recycle my bicycle?

A recycling scheme is encouraging people to donate their old bicycles instead of contributing to landfill and throwing them away now that the new year has arrived. Recycles Blackpool, offers bike repairs…

Health and fitness

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Are you getting the FITT right?

If your training seems to have hit a plateau, and your limits no longer seem to increase, then maybe it’s time to start looking at the FITT principles. ‘Doing the same thing will get you the same results’ is an old adage that holds true when applied to the human…

Study highlights benefits of being a weekend warrior

The study of 63,591 adults between 1999 and 2019 suggests that weekend warriors who performed the recommended amount of 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous activity in one or two sessions per week had lower risks for death from all causes, cardiovascular disease (CVD) and cancer. The…
weekend warrior

Group cycling 4 tips and tricks

Group cycling can have many benefits, including slipstreaming, but if you’re struggling to keep up here, there are a few ideas you can try. 1. It is critical to have enough fuel inside the tank. Test training sessions that help you adjust your body to be able to use fat…
how to keep up with the pack

Swapping car for biking decreases the carbon footprint

Swapping the car for walking, cycling and e-biking even just one day a week makes a significant impact on personal carbon footprint in cities. ‘Active transport’ — cycling, e-biking or walking — can help tackle the climate crisis according to a new study led by the University of Oxford’s Transport…
carbon footprint

Bikes and eBikes

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Is it an e-bike, is it an e-car? No, it’s a bio-hybrid

Damian Carrington tests a concept vehicle touted as a ‘solution for future urban transport’ in a rapidly urbanising world. I’m sitting in a cross between an electric-assisted bicycle and an electric car that looks like a cool golf buggy. The model I am in is also the only one in…

Hazzard Racing Orange

Hazzard Racing has revealed the Orange Bikes they’ll be riding this year – and that you can buy too. In amongst the pictures we think lurks something that is much more interesting than just new paint – what’s listed as a secret shock in the spec list looks to us…

BMW HERO Südtirol Dolomites


La Vuelta 2021: Route Revealed

La Vuelta España, the starting point for the 76th edition of the Spanish Grand Tour, was unveiled in Burgos. On Saturday 14 August, the riders will take off from the…

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