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Cycling across Cuba

Cycling across Cuba is an incredible and worthwhile adventure, but is a trip that requires good planning and the understanding that the countryside is still undeveloped and resources are quite scarce. It’s a beautiful place with amazingly curious, welcoming, spirited people. Music and smiles are everywhere. It is place of…

Helsinki to Singapore: Tajikistan

Cycling the Pamir Highway (Tajikistan) – Amazing sceneries and a solitary road which takes you up one of the highest cyclable places on Earth, but is that really all there is to it?  We had been literally training and preparing for this for years. The Pamir Highway ranks in the top places…

The Bicycle Diaries: Stage 3

Bicycle Diaries: One woman’s solo cycle from London to Tehran: Stage 3 My final stop in France is Chamonix. Rather than the oasis of peace I am hoping for, however, it turns out to be a throbbing Disneyland of designer tourists and overpriced tat. It is also bucketing with rain,…

Is China a great place to cycle? – Part 2

Click here to read Is China a great place to cycle? – Part 1 Chengdu in Sichuan Province (China) was the first mis-conception of the trip (no doubt it won’t be the last) as I was expecting a small provincial city, however the population is 4.5million, that’s four times the size…


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Bicycle Colouring Book

The Bicycle Colouring book should be for kids, right? Not any more: you will see colouring books aimed at adults populating the best-seller charts, often requiring a high amount of…

Crankalicious: Keeping Your Bike looking Fresh

Crankalicious Bike Cleaning Range Product Review (  There’s something very satisfying about keeping your pride and joy in top condition. Especially for those occasions when arriving at the café stop…

The Mirror That Can Save Your Life

Jamais Contente (Never Happy): the name of the car that, way back in 1899, was the first to go at 100 km/h. This name could also describe Carlo Dondo (1942):…

Health and fitness

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Cycling Advice: Staying Positive and on Track

I started planning and writing an article a few weeks ago, but then the world decided to unfortunately turn on its head with the outbreak of COVID-19. No one could have forecast or understood the global impact this has had so far. Ironically the article I started writing was about…
Staying Positive

Advice for families continuing to cycle during Coronavirus outbreak

Following the latest Government advice announced about the closure of schools to help reduce the further spread of coronavirus Covid-19, Cycling UK has updated its advice to families to let them know with sensible precautions their children can still cycle. Families can still go out on rides if they follow…

Group cycling tips and tricks

Cycling with a group can have many benefits, including slipstreaming, but if you’re struggling to keep up here, there are a few ideas you can try. 1. It is critical to have enough fuel inside the tank. Test training sessions that help you adjust your body to be able to…
how to keep up with the pack

Nutrition tips for the healthy cyclist

If you’re involved in exercise, you’re probably interested in the lifestyle, wellbeing and weight too–but it’s time to get back to the basics when you want nutritional knowledge that’s fresh, chewy and real headache. Make these things right and the rest is only the cake icing. We have the answers,…

Bikes and eBikes

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Specialized Turbo Vado SL

Turbo Vado SL This eBike is pedal-assisting all the way and Specialized says the custom motor of the ten-speed Turbo Vado SL offers enough power at full tilt to effectively double a rider’s effort at speeds up to 45kph. (You can control the amount of assistance) And if a rider…
Turbo Vado SL

Specialized Turbo Creo SL Expert

A super-lightweight – about 13kg full carbon electric road eBike, Class 3 speed-pedelec performance offers 28mph (45km/h) assisted speeds, proprietary Future Shock 2.0 steer tube suspension adds comfort while minimising weight and maximising rolling efficiency. Available in six frame sizes, sold through a vast network of dealers with professional fitting…
Specialized Turbo Creo SL Expert

Fix Your Bike: Claim a £50 voucher

Fix Your Bike scheme is open to anyone in England “who has an unused bicycle in need of a repair”. The Fix Your Bike initiative was originally announced in May…

First Cyclops junction to open in south Manchester

The ‘Cycle Optimised Protected Signals’ (CYCLOPS) junction at Royce Road in Hulme will allow cyclists to make a safe right turn while being protected from ongoing traffic. In addition, segregated…

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