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BMW HERO Südtirol Dolomites



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Best Bikepacking Norway in 2020

We’ve now spent more than a month bikepacking Norway. The roads are steep. But not near as steep as I expected. They’re not ‘get off and push steep.’ I might actually be faster if I pushed, but pedaling is definitely possible. The scenery is stunning, and that takes your mind…
bikepacking Norway

St-Malo to Nice: The Ultimate cycling route across France

It’s the french version of Lands End to John O’Groats but with better riding, better wine and better weather. Thousands of our readers each year cycle John O’Groats to Lands End, and now there is a new challenge St-Malo to Nice – probably the best route across France. Some riding it for…
St-Malo to Nice

The Bicycle Diaries: Stage 1

Bicycle Diaries: One woman’s solo cycle from London to Tehran: Stage 1 Awake at 6am, then 6.15am, then 6.30am. Today’s the day! I try to ignore it, but I know it’s time. My arm doesn’t even hurt too badly anymore – my last surviving hope for delay. I had a…
Bicycle Diaries

Valpolicella Wine Country

One of the best reasons to choose a good bike hotel is their skill to show the best their region has to offer – like routes, rides, food & drink that I simply could not find on my own. This ride (and subsequent wine tasting) never would have have happened…


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Coros Linx Smart Cycling Helmet

The Coros Linx smart cycling helmet was a Kickstarter success story, amassing an impressive $320,000 – six times its $50,000 funding goal . This year at CES, the company is…

Can I recycle my bicycle?

A recycling scheme is encouraging people to donate their old bicycles instead of contributing to landfill and throwing them away now that the new year has arrived. Recycles Blackpool, offers bike repairs…

Crankalicious: Keeping Your Bike looking Fresh

Crankalicious Bike Cleaning Range Product Review (  There’s something very satisfying about keeping your pride and joy in top condition. Especially for those occasions when arriving at the café stop…

Health and fitness

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Group cycling 4 tips and tricks

Group cycling can have many benefits, including slipstreaming, but if you’re struggling to keep up here, there are a few ideas you can try. 1. It is critical to have enough fuel inside the tank. Test training sessions that help you adjust your body to be able to use fat…
how to keep up with the pack

Swapping car for biking decreases the carbon footprint

Swapping the car for walking, cycling and e-biking even just one day a week makes a significant impact on personal carbon footprint in cities. ‘Active transport’ — cycling, e-biking or walking — can help tackle the climate crisis according to a new study led by the University of Oxford’s Transport…
carbon footprint

6 cycling workout tips

1. How to avoid a sore bottom when cycling The biggest complaint among new cyclists is a sore bottom, says Alison Sydor, an Olympic silver medallist in cycling from West Vancouver. She suggests buying cycling shorts with a chamois to cushion the ride and a women’s ergonomic seat. Your sit…
cycling workout

Nutrition tips for the healthy cyclist

If you’re involved in exercise, you’re probably interested in the lifestyle, wellbeing and weight too–but it’s time to get back to the basics when you want nutritional knowledge that’s fresh, chewy and real headache. Make these things right and the rest is only the cake icing. We have the answers,…

Bikes and eBikes

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Hazzard Racing Orange

Hazzard Racing has revealed the Orange Bikes they’ll be riding this year – and that you can buy too. In amongst the pictures we think lurks something that is much more interesting than just new paint – what’s listed as a secret shock in the spec list looks to us…

Light and affordable e-bike for commuters from Analog Motion

Most electric bicycles are expensive. Like, ‘you must have two grand lying around’ expensive. Cheaper e-bikes exist but only a handful of manufacturers offer anything close to the $500 mark. One of the exceptions is Analog Motion, a four-person startup that crowdfunded a line of e-bikes called the AM1 last…

Why do cyclists ride side by side?

One of the most common questions people ask about cycling on Google is why do cyclists ride side by side, so we’ve got the answer. If there’s one (legal) thing…