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Hazzard Racing Orange

Hazzard Racing has revealed the Orange Bikes they’ll be riding this year – and that you can buy too. In amongst the pictures we think lurks something that is much…

Gazelle NL C8 HMB Review

The Gazelle NL C8 HMB is a cruiser style, mid-sized utility electric bike, that has been refined in several key ways for 2018. The older C7 offered a 7-speed internally…

Giant Anthem Advanced Pro 29er 1

The Giant Anthem was first introduced in 2006 as the successor to the classic NRS. Following the Trance and Reign before it, the Anthem was one of the original models…

Propella V2.0 Single-Speed Review

Propella launched their first product on Indiegogo in early 2016 and has since produced a refined 2.0 version which is what I’m reviewing here. This product comes in either a…

The Vicious Cycle

The Vicious Cycle is a collaboration between retired frame-builder Duncan MacIntyre and composite specialist Anton Dekker. MacIntyre is South Africa’s most accomplished bicycle frame builder having built frames from the…

Try cyclocross this winter

Cyclocross is all about the smiles. It’s a little quirky riding a modified road bike around a muddy field for an hour, but that just makes it all the more…

Liv Brava SLR 1

I race road and track. I like to go fast on smooth surfaces. Off-camber sections, gravel, and anything muddy are not my forte. But as the fall approached this past…

Specialized Vita Vinyasa

I mostly practice my yoga at home now, but when I used to frequent studios, one of the greatest challenges was to keep my studio trips on a schedule. Regularly…

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