Are you getting the FITT right?

If your training seems to have hit a plateau, and your limits no longer seem to increase, then maybe it’s time to start looking at the FITT principles. ‘Doing the…
how to keep up with the pack

Group cycling 4 tips and tricks

Group cycling can have many benefits, including slipstreaming, but if you’re struggling to keep up here, there are a few ideas you can try. 1. It is critical to have…
cycling workout

6 cycling workout tips

1. How to avoid a sore bottom when cycling The biggest complaint among new cyclists is a sore bottom, says Alison Sydor, an Olympic silver medallist in cycling from West…

Nutrition tips for the healthy cyclist

If you’re involved in exercise, you’re probably interested in the lifestyle, wellbeing and weight too–but it’s time to get back to the basics when you want nutritional knowledge that’s fresh,…

Health Benefits of Cycling

Are you planning to join a cycling club? Here are a few certain reasons that will make you add wings to your plan and in no case drop this plan…
Cycling to work

How cycling to work improves your health

People who are cycling to work are at greater risk of being seriously injured and taken to hospital, according to a research published yesterday. This contributed to reports reporting that this…

Safety trials for Forum8 cycle simulator

Morgan State University in the US has installed a Forum8 cycling simulator at its Safety and Behavioral Analysis Center to research vehicle and cyclist behaviours. The simulator is from Japanese…

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