ChatGPT ebike Fusion from Urtopia


Unveiled at CES 2024, this electric bike is designed to provide users with the option of either exploring their city with a leisurely sightseeing tour or embarking on a challenging training route.

Urtopia’s Fusion e-bike, unveiled at CES 2024, stands out in the crowded market by seamlessly integrating ChatGPT, the popular AI assistant. This cutting-edge model builds upon the technological advancements seen in Urtopia’s previous Chord and original Urtopia bikes.

Billed as “the world’s first dual battery, dual motor ebike,” designed by visionary Hartmut Esslinger, the Fusion boasts a carbon fiber build for reduced weight. The regular model incorporates a Shimano CUES derailleur, while the premium CVT version features an Enviolo stepless shifter. With its dual 540Wh battery, the Fusion offers an impressive 120km range (75 miles), extendable to 200km (124 miles) with the 360Wh battery extender.

Featuring a potent 95Nm mid-drive motor capable of reaching speeds up to 25 km/h and equipped with a 100mm air suspension fork, the Fusion excels in diverse terrains, including off-road, trails, and city riding. Weighing in at a relatively light 23 kg and supported by wide tires and a stable frame, it promises a versatile riding experience.

However, the Fusion’s standout feature lies in its integration with advanced technology. Connected via 4G and GPS tracking, the e-bike ensures users stay informed about its location, even in the unfortunate event of theft. Security features include a movement alarm, fingerprint unlock, route tracking, navigation sans cellphone, and Bluetooth music through a built-in speaker – consistent with Urtopia’s tech-forward approach.

Introducing the novel “Jarvis” technology, activated by a smart ring, the Fusion enables users to power the bike, play music, and engage with ChatGPT. This AI assistant, accessible through the built-in speaker, aims to enhance the riding experience by providing real-time information, suggesting new routes, and facilitating entertaining conversations.


While the practicality of a chat assistant during fast-paced rides might be debatable, Urtopia cleverly uses it as a unique selling point and a marketing gimmick to differentiate itself in a saturated market. Prospective buyers should be prepared to invest, as the Fusion is priced at £3,999, while the Fusion CVT comes with a heftier tag of £4,999.

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