Heybike unveils Ranger S e-Bike with longer battery life and mileage


Heybike® has unveiled its upgraded, most advanced e-Bike model yet, the Ranger S.

Say goodbye to limited mileage and uninspired design with the Heybike Ranger S which has a cool, chunky, step-through frame for easier mounting. Made from aluminum alloy, so lightweight, corrosion resistant, rust-proof, and hard to tarnish, this premium material fully foldable e-Bike, with hydraulic front fork suspension, is one of the most robust, yet affordable folding models on the market.

Easy to store and transport thanks to its folding frame, the Ranger S has intelligent 0 – 5 level pedal assist, to provide riders with a powerful but super smooth, comfortable ride. Its compact, foldable model makes the Ranger S ideal for traveling and use anywhere with limited storage space and for daily commutes.

The combo of the ultra-low step-through frame with a telescoping seat post and handlebars accommodates riders from 4’11” to 6’3″, while theapp-enabled Bluetooth andsmart LCDscreen displays real-time riding data, including speed, mileage, remaining battery life, and more.

Available in stone blue, merlot red, metallic sand, and shark grey, buyers can pick whichever frame color they like best. In addition, the Heybike Ranger S e-Bike has been designed with rider-preference features including:

  • A hub-motor that sustains a powerful 750W output, giving riders ample power to tackle rough terrain and any hills en route.

  • Shimano 7-speed gears, allowing for up to 45 km/h to get to destinations quicker and easier.

  • 48V/14.4Ah battery capacity, so it is fully charged in 3-4 hours, for up to 88 km of use, which is more than enough to get to and from work or the shops in one go.

  • 20 x 4.0-inch tires and superior shock absorption ensure a smooth and comfortable ride even on bumpy surfaces.

Kyle Yang, Marketing Manager, Heybike, commented: “The popularity of e-Bikes has only grown in the US as people convert from their cars to this easier, more environmentally friendly mode of transport. Traveling distances in comfort by e-Bike is now even easier and our Ranger S is the best entry-level model for anyone who hasn’t tried an e-Bike until now. With its sturdy frame and the high-quality materials that all of our e-Bikes are made from, this new Ranger S can withstand the rigors of everyday use. Don’t get stuck in traffic any longer. Switch to an e-Bike, or upgrade your current one for the convenience of our new Ranger S.”

The Ranger S is on pre-sale right now for just $1499. Heybike’s Ranger S will be officially available via its online store from May 15 and on Amazon from early June, but Heybike’s e-Bike line has a wide range of other models to accommodate all riders, from outdoor enthusiasts to two-wheeled commuters. Visit www.heybike.com/ to find the right one for you today.

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