Why A Holiday With Bikewise?


Why A Holiday With Bikewise Is More Than Just A Cycling Adventure

After the year (and a half) we have all had, we are all in need of a good break. Many of us will be tired of the insides of our living rooms, and however much we love our beloved bikes, it’s no doubt that sticking to the local paths has started to lose its joy too. So, we don’t just need a rest, we need a massive getaway! And what better place to do this than in the beautiful country of Greece?

When thinking about Greece, we tend to picture golden sanded beaches, ancient architecture and a whole lot of olive trees. Whilst all that is most certainly true, there is another side to Greece that the tourists don’t get to see so much. Bikewise is taking advantage of its local knowledge and is offering unforgettable cycling holidays. And not just regular cycling holidays, oh no! This local biking firm is also offering e-cycling adventures, which means no matter your age or fitness level, you can join in and enjoy this unique cycling experience too.

Bikewise’s goal is to create a biking experience that is more than just a sightseeing tour. They want to build a journey where you can see Greece at its best, talking to locals and discovering nature, culture and history along the way.

Holiday With Bikewise
Holiday With Bikewise

Nature At Its Finest

Offering both guided bike tours and e-biking tours (with the latter being the main focus) in Epirus in North-Western Greece, and especially in the area of Zagori and in the city of Ioannina, an area famed for having 46 stone villages, gives a positively overwhelming sense of culture and history. Friendly locals are more than happy to stop and chat about the area and welcome visitors to explore their memories along the way. Yet, even with that in mind, one of the best parts about this trip is its connection with nature.

When gliding through the Aoos-Vikos national park, visitors are fortunate enough to be within the most mountainous area of the country. This gives riders a truly unique experience as they travel around a variety of terrains and paths. What’s more, is this area keeps a real traditional feel and as holiday-makers soak up its immersive history, they can find themselves surrounded by stone villages and bridges. And if people are feeling brave, they can even explore the nearby Vikos gorge, a record-breakingly deep landmark that is sure to take your breath away.

To make the tours even more special, Bikewise makes an effort to keep the groups small with around 10-12 people. This intimate experience gives guests the option to take in the adjoining areas and ask questions without feeling the pressure of a big tour. Of course, no bike ride is complete without a picnic and Bikewise make sure to provide that too, so all the guests are positively catered for.

Of course, the homemade picnics are an ultra-special part of the tour as not only do they give guests an authentic taste of the region, but they are also all prepared by hand. The picnic food includes the traditional Zagorian foods and the famous pies, local beers and wines and the local spirit “Tsipouro” which, similar to grappa, is made from grapes.

The tours are always led by 2 biking experts, who are there for any safety needs and bike issues. As well as a host who greets you from the start, helps with transfers, takes your bags, prepare the picnics and does all the hard work for you.

There really is no end to how far the cycling experts are willing to go and be the best hosts they can be. Furthermore, the fascinating villages of Zagori and Konitsa are practically bursting with secret stories and history, which is where your tour guides come in handy again to tell you tales of the past.

Whilst cycling around the picturesque landscapes is exhilarating, you’re going to need a break. There are a few ways you can do this. If you still want to experience all that nature has to offer, you can refresh yourself from the heat and take a swim in one of the many freshwater lakes and rivers around. Bikewise has even teamed up with local biologists to offer guests the chance to take part in some bird spotting. If people want to explore the areas in their own time, they can also do some short walks in the national park and discover the stony walkways travelled by many in more detail.

A Taste Of Greece

The team at Bikewise certainly know what it takes to give their guests 5-star treatment, whilst still providing an authentic and traditional taste of this spectacular part of Greece. Although cycling and e-cycling is their predominant focus, they really make the most of everything around them. Being a country famed for its cuisine, it’s only fitting that part of the Bikewise package is to include tasting local and traditional dishes. Such as the before mentioned pies and “Tsipouro”.

And if “Tsipouro” wasn’t enough, the cycling company also organises wine tasting sessions, where guests can sample local wines, take part in mouth-watering cooking lessons and try their hand (or feet) at traditional dance classes. For those that want to take their Greek experience to the next level, Bikewise can also arrange a night with local music and folk dances. And if people are coming for an adventure in the middle of August, they will also have the chance to participate in the unique local festivities that happen in the area.

The Bikes And Equipment 

What kind of cycling tour would this be if there wasn’t a fleet of amazing and powerful e-bikes and bicycles? As you can imagine, Bikewise only uses the best cycles and equipment available, and when covering average daily distances of 40km, it’s vital to be comfortable for the incredible things you will experience. As well as Cube trekking bikes, the company also provides Giant mountain e-bikes, so there is a cycling option for riders of all abilities. Of course, Bikewise also supplies all the necessary equipment needed for a relaxed and safe adventure. This includes helmets, gloves, water bottles, bike bags and waterproof-windproof jackets (yes, unfortunately, it does rain in Greece now and again).

The biking and e-biking holiday is a perfect excuse to explore Greece, meet locals its culture, history and nature in a unique and fascinating way, no matter of your age or fitness levels. When cycling around those dramatic mountains, you may find yourself feeling like a true Greek God. And after indulging in all that scrumptious Greek food and wine, taking a daily e-bike trip is the perfect excuse for some exercise. When venturing through the nature on offer, there isn’t a place where you will feel freer. Plus, being plunged into the smell of wild herbs and flowers whilst travelling on two wheels is a feeling like no other.

Bikewise is a company who truly stick to their values. Cycling is their way of life and they believe this results in a healthy mind and body, which is why they use e-bikes to make these adventures accessible to all. They also deem that being respectful to the environment is one of the most important things people can do, which is why they opt for bike riding holidays. Bikewise’s core philosophy is to combine nature, sightseeing and cycling. Because of this, they live and breathe hosting and let their aura of happiness radiate onto their guests. As well as, of course, giving people the best experience they can on two wheels. If you love cycling and chatting with locals, then this is the holiday for you.

It’s a cliché to say that this is a once in a lifetime experience, but in this case, it truly is.

For more information go to https://www.bikewise.gr

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June 2021

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