Cycling in Portugal: Top 3 destinations for a road bike tour in Portugal


Cycling in Portugal: top 3 destinations for a road bike tour in Portugal

As we all know, even the idea of travelling recently has been a bloomin’ nightmare. Well, now that the rules are changing, we can finally go away again. So, many of us are now more eager than ever to rediscover our adventurous side. But the question is, where to go? And how to explore it?

How about discovering the beautiful country of Portugal on a speedy road bike?

Luckily, Portuguese bike experts – Live Love Ride – Portugal Bike Tours – are already on it! Providing unique experiences to riders of all levels, Live Love Ride will take you on a journey that will stay with you forever.

Here are 3 of the best adventures they have to offer.

Cycling in Portugal
Cycling in Portugal

Douro Valley

Starting in Porto, a place with one of the oldest city centres in Europe, the stunning Douro River is a must-see for anybody planning a trip to Portugal this summer. And for anyone looking to get a little bit more out of their time in this region, Live Love Ride offers a fabulous tour centring around this famous river and the breathtaking area that surrounds it.

This tour begins in what has been named as the world’s first demarcated wine region, as well as being a UNESCO Heritage Site, where you can find the area’s trademark terraced vineyards, or “socalcos”. It also passes through an international park with historical Portuguese villages along the way. Whether it’s wine cellars (with some tasting involved, of course) or taking in the ancient surroundings – which includes Palaeolithic archaeological sites with rock engravings dating back to around 22,000 BC, there is plenty to love about this tour.

Getting to know areas of Porto that you perhaps wouldn’t get to see otherwise, you will experience amazing landscapes and architecture both up-close and from viewpoints as you cycle along. As you enter the international park, you will find yourself surrounded by olive oil and orange fields, with unforgettable river beaches and wildlife en route.

If you feel like treating yourself to some “me time” in-between bike rides, there are plenty of opportunities to sample the local cuisine and relax in Medieval castles-turned-spa hotels to recuperate after a long day’s exploring.

You can tailor your bike tour of the Douro Valley to suit your needs. Keep the rides as short or long as you want, and define your own goals and pace with Live Love Ride.



Next on the bucket list of Live Love Ride tours in Portugal is Alentejo, otherwise known as heritage and wine country. You can spend your days enjoying some road cycling surrounded by the vast Portuguese countryside and spend your evening sipping the beautiful beverages the region is famous for.

Again, Alentejo is seeped in Medieval history and, to make this cycling adventure truly unique, Live Love Ride certainly knows the best places to bask in Medieval culture – and enjoy a little tipple along the way too. From sleeping in convents to exploring the wine cellars, this adventure quickly turns from a peaceful break to a holiday filled with tales.

Alentejo mixes the traditional idea of Portugal, with its whitewashed villages and rolling hills, with a hidden side to the country that only the locals seem to know about. AKA, a place busting with stories of the past and UNESCO world heritage sites.

Those that want to explore the area with cycling as their main focus won’t be let down. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner rider or an expert, these roads are bliss to cycle on. The reason for this isn’t just down to the hidden trails that are nestled amongst the valleys and fields, but also because of the car-free roads (yes, you read that right!) that make cycling here a dream.

But whether you are there to enjoy this rare biking opportunity, or you just want to feel that glorious sunshine on your skin as you glide through the Mediterranean countryside, there is one thing all cyclists to the area will agree on. That is how great the food is! From sweets to savouries, and bread to wine, there is something for everyone in this traditional-meets-modern area of the country.

Bike Tour
Bike Tour

Bike Tour Across Portugal

For those who want to see as much of this wonderful country as possible, Live Love Ride also offers a north-to-south tour across Portugal. Eclectic is certainly the word here with a tour that explores the aforementioned Alentejo and Douro wine countries, as well as taking lucky riders to the sierras of Alvao and Estrela. It also allows you to see two of the country’s biggest cities: Lisbon and Porto so that you don’t miss a thing during your time in Portugal.

This tour literally takes you through highs and lows, as cyclists have the opportunity to ride from the beaches of the Atlantic coastline to the highest points of Continental Portugal. Once more, you can enjoy the vast Medieval history that surrounds the country and sample the sumptuous wine that each region offers.

Experiencing charming villages, vast plains and picturesque landscapes, the Bike Tour Across Portugal by Live Love Ride, truly immerses holidaymakers and cyclists in Portuguese culture. It offers a proper cross-section of both modern and traditional life in the country, with the sites of the main big cities being contrasted by former royal palaces and rural homesteads.

As already mentioned, it’s a cross-country tour, and so there is the opportunity to explore Portugal’s wonderful capital Lisbon. A vibrant city bursting with art, culture and architecture, the municipality offers some urban relief before you head back to the serenity of the country and beaches. Like the Douro, this Live Love Ride tour also stops at the famous city of Porto, giving you a chance to experience a metropolis with much more going on than initially meets the eye.

These are just 3 of the great tours that Live Love Ride have on offer. Plus, this bike tour company have made their experiences accessible to riders of all abilities and travellers with all wants.

So, whether you are a novice cyclist wanting a tailored journey, or a professional wanting a self-guided tour, there is something for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Start brushing up on that Portuguese and get those cycling shorts out – it’s time for an adventure!

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