Why Bike Mirrors Are Just As Important As Car Mirrors


Why Bike Mirrors Are Just As Important As Car Mirrors

Picture the scene – you’re cycling along the peaceful country roads. The sun is in your face and the gentle breeze gently kisses your skin, cooling you down as you glide on two wheels into the warm, peaceful horizon. Life is bliss. That is until you hear the familiar rumble of a fast-approaching car. You’re aware a vehicle is coming but without turning around and taking yourself out the moment, you don’t know where this sound is coming from. Suddenly, there’s a loud beep as the car drives past you and throws you off your stride. 

We’ve all been there in some way or another, whether it’s enjoying cycling in the countryside, biking on the busy city roads or training for your next big hill climb cycle competition. You’re so focused on what’s ahead that you’re not always aware of what’s coming behind you. And when it does come, you have no way of knowing what it is without the dangerous move of turning your head whilst still having to focus on the road. It’s at times like this that you wish you had a mirror. After all, cars have them, so why shouldn’t bikes?

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Bike riders can spend just as much time on the roads, if not more than drivers do. Motorists need mirrors to spot hazards, look at oncoming traffic and communicate with the person behind them, and, ultimately, stay safe. In fact, if a driver doesn’t use their mirrors, they would fail road safety tests. So, it only makes sense for cyclists to also be able to use mirrors to see who is approaching them and keep themselves, and other people on the road, safe too. 

Fortunately, Swiss company CD Project has resolved this issue by creating a mirror that can easily attach to bike handles, allowing cyclists to safely analyse the road without risk. Whatever kind of cycling you like to do, there is a Sprintech® mirror to match it. Its Racing mirrors are designed to become a virtual extension of a racing bike’s drop handlebars and come with a 9-layer chrome coating and a wide field of vision. Sprintech® City fixes onto the straight handlebars of a city bike (and e-bike) and comes in a shock-proof plastic shell to help protect it from unexpected bumps in the road. Sprintech® Compact suits all straight or slightly curved handlebars and are strong and multi-adjustable. (note: all mirrors are multi-adjustable)

The invention came about when its creator and passionate cyclist Carlo Dondo experienced two road accidents that needn’t have happened had the bikes been equipped with the right gear to check the traffic behind him. And thus, the Sprintech® mirror was born as a solution to this cycling safety issue. After winning numerous awards, the mirrors have done more than save lives, they have also changed cycling culture. 

Adding a mirror to your bike isn’t just about protection on the road, it’s about taking care of your body. Having to turn your neck is not only risky in terms of losing your focus on the path ahead, but it can also contribute to neck damage as well. Checking the road behind and in front of you is a difficult manoeuvre at the best of times. Furthermore, if you have neck or back problems, turning your head, for this reason, contributes to the discomfort. Yet more reasons to use a rear-view bike mirror.

While an extra pair of eyes would no doubt be useful for any cyclist, unfortunately, the reality is, none of us has eyes in the back of our heads. Meaning we don’t always know when cars are coming. Especially with modern e-cars not making much noise at all. When it seems like they are far away, they are actually taking over you. As a cyclist, this is dangerous and scary and is a time when that second pair of eyes, in the form of a mirror, really comes in handy. 

Also, let’s face it, just because someone can legally drive, it doesn’t instantly make them a safe driver. Today, too many motorists are distracted by phones, sat navs, loud music and even their passengers. This also applies to bad weather conditions where your visibility as a cyclist isn’t great and a car may not see you until it’s too late. So, when they aren’t concentrating or can’t see you, where does the responsibility lie as a fellow road user? Whilst you may not be able to beep your horn and signal a warning, having a useful rear-view mirror will most certainly help keep you, and even them, safe. 

There are so many situations where having a bike with mirrors can come in handy. Of course, it’s great for when you’re cycling on city roads, either taking a day trip or commuting to work. However, it’s also great for when in the countryside too. Say you’re cycling around a rural area prepping for your next competition. When riding in a group, it’s always good to see how fellow cyclists are faring. But even if you’re alone with the winding and twisting roads, you never know what’s around the corner. Having a mirror can help you see any unexpected hazards and when enjoying the beauty of nature, using a Sprintech® mirror allows you to catch a cheeky glimpse of the amazing landscapes around you.

Say too you’re getting the kids involved in the wonderful world of cycling. As you’re aware, both the roads and countryside can be a perilous place. And, as a parent or carer, it’s only natural to want to turn around and see how they’re doing. When you’re teaching children the ropes you can keep an eye on them too with a mirror.

Prevention is better than cure! And we often wonder how much value do we give to our own life. Isn’t it worth a mirror? We have plenty of messages from customers who thank us for that invention. It really saved their lives in some cases. These mirrors are a kind of positive drug, once you try them you can’t ride without them any longer. They really help you to feel safer.

Bike mirrors are much more important than you may realise. Cycling should never be a scary occasion, and with the perils of road and countryside bike riding, staying safe is key. Something as simple as a rear-view mirror can help you see who’s coming, keep an eye on your convoy and help you avoid anything dangerous that may be lurking behind you.

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