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Sprintech Bike Mirrors: Your eyes on the road – all the time

According to research, the majority of cycling accidents happen due to car drivers’ mistakes, such as vehicles turning into a cyclist’s path, opening cars doors and/or pulling out of junctions without looking properly – so cyclists simply cannot afford to take their eyes off the road in front of them for a second!

With this in mind, cars and bikes share the same space on the roads, obey the same highway codes and must obey the same traffic signals. But while cars are equipped with enough mirrors to give the driver a safe, full 360-degree view around the vehicle – cyclists do not.

This is a glaring omission by anyone’s safety standards.

While the vast majority of cycling safety equipment is designed to protect the rider and to make them be seen – this is still ‘passive’ safety equipment – it’s as if the cyclist is the prey on the road, victim to the car drivers’ mistakes, hoping that if he/she is ’seen’ enough and protected enough, they won’t get hurt.

Sprintech bike mirrors change all that, and place ‘active’ safety into the hands of the cyclist – empowering them with a clear view of what’s coming up behind them and allowing them to make quick safety decisions – without having to turn their head and take their eyes off the road in front. If a bad driver is coming behind us, we may have no idea of the actions they are taking.

For cyclists, turning their heads to check the traffic is second nature. However, taking your eyes off what’s in front of you for just a second can have serious consequences.

Whether it’s a pedestrian on their phone, stepping out into the road, or simply just not seeing the exact moment the vehicle in front of you begins braking, turning your head isn’t the safest way of checking the situation around you. 

It’s therefore common sense that bikes should be equipped with the same safety mechanisms as a car – being able to take a quick glance in your mirrors could mean so much more than just cycling through a zebra crossingto ensure everything is safe, could mean saving a life – and not just yours.

This is why Sprintech bike mirrors are an essential piece of safety equipment for any cyclist – as essential as hi-vis clothing and helmets. Mirrors are overlooked as an essential piece of bike safety equipment, yet a car is deemed ‘unroadworthy’ if it does not have it’s full complement of rear and side-view mirrors.

This is why Sprintech provides mirrors for all kinds of bikes – ensuring safety is optimised while cycling. Sprintech bike mirrors are designed by true bike enthusiasts for all kinds of cycling; whether you are a novice or professional, these special bike mirrors attach to the handlebars on a range of bike styles, including racing, city and compact – straight-bar and/or drop-bar bikes. Constructed using specially developed rubber and chrome-coated mirrors, they are designed to be lightweight, aerodynamic and easily attachable without disturbing the feel of your ride.

Sprintech Bike Mirrors
Sprintech Bike Mirrors

About Sprintech

Sprintech began as a simple idea when founder, Carlo Dondo, ended up in yet another serious accident whilst riding his tailor-made racing bike. He realised that his collisions could have been avoided if he didn’t have to keep turning around to check the traffic behind him. 

Now, nearly 30-years later, this cyclist-turned-inventor has won numerous accolades for his fantastic contributions to the cycling world, bringing new levels of safety and accessory design to cyclists everywhere.

You can rest assured that Sprintech bike mirrors are made by true bike lovers with first-hand experience of how perilous the roads can be for cyclists.

They are lightweight, easily adaptable, and are simple to install, and, with a home in Switzerland, Sprintech make everything in Europe to the highest standards allowing for fair-paid work – and also so that the inventor himself can test and certify the equipment himself!

So, as our roads get busier and busier, and while we can never predict the things that may be coming around the corner for us in life – we can be aware of what’s around us. 

Sprintech bike mirrors make life as a cyclist easier, safer and simply more fun. With a Sprintech bike mirror, cyclists can be more confident out on the road and focus on the things that are essential and important to them. They can focus on the things that make them want to get out there on the bike in the first place – like taking in the scenery, enjoying family time, training for a big race or  pushing for a personal best.

Sprintech bike mirrors: your eyes on the road – all the time.

Available in the UK at www.sjscycles.com

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