The Nerazzurro Heart Beats In The Santini Atalanta


Santini Cycling Wear and Atalanta, two historic sport brands from Bergamo, Italy, launch a capsule collection of technical cycling garments in the iconic colours of the football team.

Two sports so (apparently) distant but so close since they share the same territory: by tradition, results and popular practice, football and cycling are part of the Bergamo DNA. It is based on this principle that the partnership between Santini Cycling Wear and Atalanta Bergamasca Calcio was born, two Bergamo companies that today unveil a line of technical cycling clothing featuring the colours and identifying themes of the football team.

Developed and designed by Santini, which has been making cycling clothing since 1965, the garments dedicated to Atalanta are born from the collaboration of two excellences from the Bergamo area and will become a must-have for the many Atalanta fans who want to show their footballing loyalties even as they are cycling.

A capsule collection dedicated to the Dea

Two jerseys, bib-shorts and matching accessories: the Santini range of garments in the Atalanta colours plays on black and blue hues and features the team logo.

The jerseys differ in fit, fabrics and graphics.

The Sleek Dea jersey is intended for demanding amateurs who love an aerodynamic fit; produced with Made in Italy and 100% recycled fabrics, i.e. PET and waste yarns. The design is minimal but with a Nerazzurri touch on the pockets, reminiscent of the uniform of the Atalanta players. The team crest is proudly borne over the heart.
Dea, the second jersey of the collection has, by contrast, a classic cut with a softer fit; it is a blend of extremely light and breathable micro-mesh fabrics that guarantee excellent breathability. The graphics, like a true Atalanta fan, are inspired by the symbols of Atalanta, the Dea, the city of Bergamo and the motto that the team always abides by “La maglia sudata sempre” (Always with the sweat-soaked shirt) printed inside the collar.

To match the jerseys, for a truly dedicated fan look, Santini offers bib-shorts with Thunderbike Power compression fabric and GITevo seat pad, for constant and gradual shock absorption, socks, gloves and cycling cap.

The Santini/Atalanta capsule collection will be on sale on the website, in the Atalanta and Santini stores and in the best cycling shops.


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