Discover eBike Demo Days for Summer 2021


eBike Demo Days

The organisers of the Cycle Show and London eBike Festival have launched a new line-up of demo events this summer. Event organisers Immediate Live, will house the demo events alongside their newly launched Artisan Festival at Hampton Court Palace and the Artisan Collective Fair at National Trust’s Wimpole Estate, with a larger stand-alone version at Alexandra Palace which will form part of the venue’s summer schedule of outdoor events.

eBike Demo Days
eBike Demo Days

“The industry’s stock shortages unfortunately put pay to the viability of the indoor shows this year, but several brands expressed the desire to keep driving demand to IBDs by showcasing eBikes to the public and, critically, getting people riding them who may never have considered owning one before.” Said Chris Holman from Immediate Live.

The tracks at the artisan festivals are short and sweet and designed to give visitors a taster of what electric bikes offer. Chris went on to say; “As we all know, it doesn’t take long for riders to get the ‘eBike Grin’ so the artisan festival activations are very much about doing just that. It will give brands an opportunity to speak to an affluent audience of potential leisure riders who are ‘knowledge poor’ when it comes to electric bikes.”

Then at Alexandra Palace, there’ll be a longer commuter track with the same incline that RedBull take advantage of for their Soapbox Races, plus a loop in the woodland for MTBs and gravel bikes. “We’re definitely not trying to replicate trail centres further afield, but offering an opportunity for existing riders and new cyclists from London and Home Counties to try out the various eBike options properly. Again, the opportunity to chat direct to the brands about what’s best for them will be a strong attraction for the ever-growing leisure and commuter audience in the capital.”

The demo rides at the artisan fairs will run all day with bikes available on a first come basis. At Alexandra Palace there will be a registration system in place for timed sessions so the organisers can manage footfall at peak periods. “We’re treating the Alexandra Palace events as a taster of our annual Cycle Show and London eBike Festival in April and an opportunity for us to fine-tune our procedures for the test tracks next year.

Opportunities to test-ride bikes in London are few and far between and so the terrain at Alexandra Palace and the brands we have coming to the show are a key USP for the Immediate Live events and we want to make the demo experience the best we can make it.”

The demo days will be promoted across Immediate Media’s portfolio of consumer titles and to the enthusiasts, casual riders and non-cyclists who visit the company’s shows, and the organising team are also working with local government to promote the events are part of their cycling initiatives. 

The venues for the eBike Demo Days are:

  • Hampton Court Palace Artisan Festival: 18-20 June 2021 – three brands only
  • Alexandra Palace: 14-15 August 2021
  • The Artisan Collective Fair, Wimpole Estate: 3-5 September 2021 – three brands only

The following brands have agreed to take part in this year’s demo line-up: Madison with Ridgeback and Saracen, Specialized, GoCycle, Ison with Benno, Gazelle, CSG with GT and Cannondale, Moore Large with Tern and Forme, ARCC, Wisper, Vanmoof, Electrify Bikes, eStarli, Angell, Talio and Cairn. Spaces for bike brands are strictly limited and there is a single opportunity for a helmet brand to be a partner for all three events.

The demo events are organised by Immediate Live, the trading name for Upper Street Events and River Street Events. See separate release.

For more information on the Cycle Show visit For more information on the London eBike Festival powered by Shimano Steps, visit

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