Selle Italia Gravel Offer Gets A Makeover With Two New Colours


Three Selle Italia families, each with a dedicated gravel model: Flite, SLR and Novus. Starting today, they are offered in two new colours in each collection.

Inspired by the gravel world, an increasingly popular discipline attracting many new enthusiasts, the new saddle colours offered by Selle Italia are Blue Granite and Mud Brown.


The technical features of gravel saddles

Even in their reinterpretation for the gravel world, the three saddle families offer just as many models with their own well-defined shape to adapt to different physiques and needs.

The Flite Boost, a flat-shaped model, is ideal for those with an anterior pelvic tilt looking for a more dynamic saddle.

For those with a “neutral” pelvic tilt, Selle Italia recommends the SLR Boost model, while Novus Boost Evo is designed for those with a posterior pelvic tilt in need of a more stable position on the saddle.

The three gravel saddles are all fitted with the Shock Absorber system between the rail and shell to absorb micro-vibrations. The Flite Boost Gravel and SLR Boost Gravel also feature Light Gel padding, while the Novus Boost Evo Gravel has what is defined as Extra Padding. The cover too is different: in Fibra-Tek for the first two, a technical microfibre that guarantees lightness and resistance, and Soft-Tek, in polyurethane, for the Novus Boost Evo Gravel.

The Gravel versions of the SLR Boost and Flite Boost are available with a TI 316 rail in sizes S3 and L3, while the Novus Boost Evo Gravel is available with a Manganese rail in size L3.

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