Mallet DH: Crankbrothers Pedals, Pumps Elevate Cycling Experience

Mallet DH Pedal

The new Mallet DH gained a grippier, more concave body and now integrates the Traction Pad system for less rock and more power transfer. It also has some generously chamfered edges for better cornering clearance, but that clearance is now a bit tighter because of the wider, more stable 57 millimetre q-factor. The basic Mallet DH (pictured) goes for £129 and the lighter wings, more resilient spring, and blingier finish of the Mallet DH 11 puts it at £290.

Klic Pumps

As the name implies, assembling Crank Brothers’ Klic pump is as easy as plugging in your Macbook. The magnetic hose attaches at 90 degrees, making it more comfortable to hold its business end. Or better yet, let the ground hold it. Klic pumps range from £29 to £49 and come in six configurations including high or low pressure, gauge or no gauge, and with or without a hideaway Co2 inflater.

Highline Dropper Post

The Highline delivered what we wanted most out of a new Crank Brothers post: reliability. But we also want variety, and as promised, they’ve released 100 and 160 millimetre options to flank the 125 version we finished testing earlier this year. The new models also got a slight bump in return speed. Maximum insertion depths for the 160 and 100 are 257 and 316 millimetres respectively, and minimum exposed lengths are 150 and 210 millimetres to the rails. The price has stayed the same at £290.

Find out more by checking out this video!

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