Ikea’s City Bike Hits U.S. Stores Next Month For Affordable $399

Ikea Set to Release Its Own City Bike- Sladda

There’s a big new addition coming to Ikea stores next month. It’s not a piece of furniture, and it’s definitely not edible. It’s a city bike called Sladda.

Ikea says that Sladda is “a multifunctional bike that is affordable for the many.” It has several noteworthy features. One of the first you’ll notice is that it has a belt drive. There’s no chain to chew up your pant legs, rub grease on them, rust, or bind up on you at an inopportune moment during your commute.

Ikea City Bike to Bring Cycling to All

Sladda also has front disc brakes and a rear coaster brake. Gearing has been kept simple, too. It’s an automatic two-speed shifting system. Both design choices are about making sure the bike easy to maintain.

The bike comes in two sizes, 26 and 28 inches. An all aluminium frame helps keep weight down — the larger version weighs in at just 16 pounds — and ensures that rust won’t be a problem. Ikea also includes front and rear lights, but you’ll have to pick up batteries for them while you’re there. Coincidentally enough, they sell those!

Now, a bike might not seem like the kind of thing you’d expect to buy at Ikea. To be fair, though, the Ikea shopping experience is already a fairly diverse one. You can buy beds, kitchen cabinets, houseplants, track lighting, art supplies, and frozen meatballs there already.

But why a bike? According to Ikea, they’re out to “creating a better everyday life at home” for their customers. A reliable, eco-friendly mode of transportation fits nicely into their broader mission.

They sell a whole array of accessories for Sladda, too: helmets, locks, front and rear cargo racks, a portable tire pump, and a sturdy clip-on pannier that also convert into backpacks. They’ve even got a cargo trailer for Sladda that’s rated to haul more than 100 pounds.

If you’re an Ikea Family member, the City Bike Sladda will cost you just $399. Non-members pay an extra hundred bucks, so there’s a decent incentive to sign up if you’re shopping for a new bike. The accessories are cheaper, too: you’ll save $40 on the trailer and $10 on the racks and pannier.

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