Canyon Launches Adorable Kids’ Mountain Bike Range with Grand Canyon 24″

Canyon Encourage Children to Cycle

Canyon have recently unveiled their children’s range of Mountain Bikes, designed to let even the smallest of cyclists explore the world and enjoy the gift of cycling. Aimed to allow parents to give their kids a chance at mountain biking, to see the world and have fun. As the product description reads;

If some of your happiest childhood memories revolve around exploring woodsy dirt trails, or even tackling some single track on the hills outside of town, then you probably can’t wait to make that sort of mountain biking available to your kids. With the Grand Canyon 24” children’s mountain bike, your kids can get off the pavement and enjoy the rougher stuff as much as you did when you were younger.

The bikes have been designed to reflect their adult sized counterparts, with an aluminium frame and state of the art chainrings. Canyon have made their childrens bikes with care and precision, opting to make their bikes for small cyclists, rather than have them pander to children. No shoddy plastic seats or cartoon mascot deco to be seen. These bikes are built to last, an as such, are guaranteed to see your child through their whole early life. No fear of this one falling apart, rusting, or succumbing to mould in the garden.

Canyon have done more than just shrink their current bikes though, we love how some real thought has gone into these rides. For example, Canyon has designed 19mm bars with soft, flared grips to keep a young rider’s hands in place. They’ve also put rubber bumpers on the stems of the bikes to prevent bruised knees in case of an accident. Clever stuff but is it bad to say that’s something we’d want on our bikes too!

The kids will be helped by proper hydraulic brakes in the form of SRAM Levels, low standover, long wheelbases and a relatively slack head angle of 68°. This will stop kids from crashing if they go too fast, and lets them turn, but not over turn, for risk of falling off. A very clever design choice, to keep cycling fun and safe for little ones.

Mountain bikes for children are an exceptional concept, with Canyon setting the bar for the standard at which these products should be. Many children in the modern day are stuck indoors, watching television or playing video games and not having the opportunity to play outdoors. This is not the fault of parents per say, as many children now grow up in busy urban environments, with little opportunity to go cycling, let along mountain biking. Streets are also far more dangerous than they were in the 1980’s, and it is no longer common for children to play on their bikes outdoors unsupervised, whether they live in the city or out in the countryside.

It is great, therefore, that these bikes might encourage parents to give mountain biking with their children a try. To cycle up great hillsides, across dirt roads, and grass are key memories for many adults and parents, and in a world so gripped by technology, it is important that kids are given these opportunities as well.

Kids Bike. © Pixabay
Kids Bike. © Pixabay

The Offspring AL 20 is the smallest bike in the range designed for kids between 98 and 110 cm tall. It has a 16 inch rear wheel in combination with an 18 inch front wheel. This gives maneuverability for the rear without sacrificing rollover in front.

It comes with a SRAM Automatix 2 speed hub that changes gears automatically based on your speed using a centrifugal clutch. Perfect for kids who already have a lot to think about while out on a ride.

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