Canyon Launches Kids’ Mountain Bike Range


Canyon have done more than just shrink their current bikes though, we love how some real thought has gone into these rides. For example, Canyon has designed 19mm bars with soft, flared grips to keep a young rider’s hands in place. They’ve also put rubber bumpers on the stems of the bikes to prevent bruised knees in case of an accident. Clever stuff but is it bad to say that’s something we’d want on our bikes too!

The kids will be helped by proper hydraulic brakes in the form of SRAM Levels, low standover, long wheelbases and a relatively slack head angle of 68°.

The Offspring AL 20 is the smallest bike in the range designed for kids between 98 and 110 cm tall. It has a 16 inch rear wheel in combination with an 18 inch front wheel. This gives manoeuvrability for the rear without sacrificing rollover in front.

It comes with a SRAM Automatix 2 speed hub that changes gears automatically based on your speed using a centrifugal clutch. Perfect for kids who already have a lot to think about while out on a ride.

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