Electric Bike Tours Electrify Portuguese Sealine


Electric Bike Tours Reimagine Cycling Holidays

In the modern cycling world, electric bike tours are becoming more and more common, as the popularity of e-bikes continues to soar. From a catalogue of electric bike tours hosted by Explore.co.uk, to international e-bike racing tournaments, these latest innovations are hard to avoid.

One particularly noteworthy electric bike tour currently being advertised is the Self-Guided Cycle South Portugal trip, which will see holidaymakers travel from the Algarve to Alentejo over an eight day adventure. 

The Algarve has become a notorious spot for cyclists, and so naturally, it makes sense for the holiday to begin in the municipality of Vila do Bispo. 

This first day gives holidaymakers the opportunity to explore the beauty of this spot. Crystal clear oceans and sandy beaches are the backdrop to meticulously crafted architecture and lush greenery, and give the opportunity to adjust to and explore Portuguese food, drink, and culture. Traditional and locally made Portuguese dishes may include locally sourced fish dishes, Piri Piri Chicken, and a range of sweet treats, including Portugal’s world famous egg custard tarts. 

The Electric Bike Tour Hits the Road

The Electric Bike Tour begins in earnest on day 2, with a circular tour from Vila do Bispo via Sagres. The quaint seaside villages of south Portugal are lively and vibrant, full of life and culture that is essential to experience.

Expect stretching lengths of warm sand and sparkling oceans, as well as opportunities to try local foods and wines throughout the trip, and with this adventure on day 2, the expectations for the extravagance of what is to come on this electric bike tour is sure to have been set. 

Famous Portuguese cycle tracks await those participating in the electric bike tour on day 3. The route crosses and intersects with the Via Algarviana west of Sagres, as well as the Historical Trail, leading up to the Carrapateira via the restored village of Pedralva. 

Carrapateira Beach- Carrapateira, Algarve, Portugal. © Piervincenzo Madeo/ Flickr
Carrapateira Beach- Carrapateira, Algarve, Portugal. © Piervincenzo Madeo/ Flickr

From Carrapateira, the electric bike tour will see a 32km ride across lush rolling hills on day 4. Small inland villages where the most authentic, handmade Portuguese dishes and products can be found along this route, and are guaranteed to delight and captivate.

Day 5 sees the electric bike tour take a detour to Armoreiro beach, before making the climb up to Rogil. You will be thanking your electric motors for the help with this one!

A ride along the Historical Trail will lead the electric bike tour to Odeceixe, a traditional Portuguese village. The village’s rustic, seaside aesthetic is sure to leave holidaymakers in awe, and with plenty of opportunity to sample local delicacies before making the trek across the border from the Algarve to Alentejo.  

Zambujeira is the spot for day 6. The day gives an opportunity for rest after the previous days long trek, to sunbathe in the brilliant Portugal sun, or take a dip in the refreshing ocean currents. How you choose to spend your day is completely your choice, but the tour guarantees that no choice will be a bad one. 

Alternatively, holidaymakers may elect to take an electric bike tour around the area, via Boavista dos Pinheiros. This route provides a vast selection of scenery and terrain to ride over, with uphill travel made all the easier thanks to the electric bikes power. River banks, open woodlands, and dirt roads are abound on this circular course, giving those participating a great variety on their day out adventure.

After returning and resting up in Zambujeira, day 7 will see the electric bike tour make its way to its final destination, Vila Nova de Milfontes. Based at the mouth of the river Mira, this coastal town has been nicknamed the ‘Princess of the Alentejo’, and for good reason. Just look at that view!

Vila Nova de Milfontes. © Wikipedia
Vila Nova de Milfontes. © Wikipedia

The final day gives holidaymakers the opportunity to leave the electric bike tour in their own time, giving a final opportunity to gaze upon the breathtaking Portuguese seascape. 

Will you be going? For as little as £830, this holiday is absolutely one every e-bike enthusiast should mark on their calendar.

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