Domestique.CC’s ‘Project BAAW’ custom bike is a self-described cycling collective, ‘showcasing stories, local brands and the occasional review to the ever-growing cycling community.’

As such, it has recently put together ‘Project #BAAW’ (a hashtag used in certain Instagram spheres, which stands for ‘Bike Against A Wall’), which is designed to showcase some UK-based companies and produce a comparatively affordable, good-looking custom road bike.

According to Domestique, the aims were:

  • To produce a road bike that will compete with the best road bike manufacturers.
  • To look visually stunning. Showcasing good design and engineering in the build quality and finish.
  • To be affordable.
  • Demonstrating that the UK is at the forefront of the majority of technologies. Showcasing the best of and potential of the British cycling industry
  • While we can’t attest that the parts comprising this custom build were manufactured in the UK, the collaborations with Aprire, Fabric and Parcours ensure that the companies producing them are based in the UK, and deal largely within the UK market. Regardless, the real catch with the project is the bike itself, and its price tag.

The custom paint job costs almost twice as much as the frame itself, which explains why it looks so good. Undearneath it though, the Aprire Inverno aluminium frame is at its core, and it’s been built up here with Parcours’ Passista wheelset, a carbon clincher option retailing for £750, and a £500 Shimano Ultegra groupset, with a Fabric saddle as well as final finishing kit. All in the bike costs £2,375, which for the visual gratification it provides, combined with the British slant and sense of personalisation, isn’t half bad.

We’re looking forward to see if there’s a number 2 in the pipeline, perhaps even featuring parts manufactured in the UK as well. That appears to be the goal for the associated brands and Domestique themselves, so here’s to hoping they achieve it.

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