Mavic Road UST has big promises

Mavic has long stressed that a tire and rim should work together. The new Mavic Road UST tubeless system maintains that notion and adds another vital component to the mix: easy installation and maintenance.
By creating a rim contour design that works specifically with a Kevlar-bead Yksion UST tubeless tire, Mavic says riders will be able to install and maintain the UST system more easily. The Kevlar bead has more pliability than a stiffer carbon bead. This should allow most of us to work the tire on and off the rim by hand. The bead lock shape is intended to further ease the installation and removal process. The French company even says riders should be able to continue riding if the tire goes flat.
Tubeless road setups have been slow to catch on primarily because of reliability issues as well as difficult installation/removal processes. But the benefits of the system include the ability to run lower tire pressures, which in turn can reduce rolling resistance. And tubeless sealants are often capable of sealing up small punctures. A tubeless setup could also be lighter. Mavic claims 40 grams in weight savings over a tire and tube system.
The tight interface between rim and tire is said to differentiate the Mavic Road UST system from other road tubeless options. A completely redesigned rim contour profile could make seating and inflating the tire quicker and easier. Hopefully, setting up the tire with a floor pump is easy. Mavic also says the rim shape makes tire removal a tool-free affair.
Mavic isn’t being shy about introducing the system either. A wide range of its road wheel/tire offerings will be available with Mavic Road UST. See below for the complete line-up. Mavic will offer Yksion tires in 25mm and 28mm widths.
Some of the new Mavic Road UST wheels will be available in July. Others will ship later this summer.

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