Tenspeed Hero Resort Sherbet 2.0

Tenspeed Hero Resort Sherbet 2.0; Their Best Jersey Yet?

Tenspeed Hero Jersey. © Flickr
Tenspeed Hero Jersey. © Flickr

Tenspeed Hero isn’t shy about catering to the skinny racer set. The Resort Sherbet 2.0 jersey goes well beyond snug into tight territory, which is exactly what you should want from a performance top. It’s gossamer thin, too, so save this one for the hottest summer days.

It’s so thin, in fact, that it’s all but see-through; the Resort has mesh side panels for as much venting as you could possibly want, and a collarless race fit that’s super-snug and form-fitting.

The arms extend low, almost to the elbows, another nod to the racing crowd, but we found the arm grippers to be extremely tight. They stretch out slightly over time, but unless your arms are Froome-esque, you’ll probably feel the squeeze.

Still, there are enough cool features in this jersey, like a 45-millimeter waist gripper and a zippered rear pocket (in addition to two main pockets) to make the Resort a reliable hot weather choice.

Tenspeed Hero also has its own distinct style, with splashes of highlights laid over subtle base colors. We love the aesthetic and appreciate the race-driven cut, as long as we’re in the thick of competition. We wouldn’t choose this one for casual rides.


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