Winter jersey: Alphonsine Grey & Blue

With its unique fluffy, merino fleece fabric, the chic Alphonsine certainly grabbed our attention. It’s a lovely, warm jersey that will keep you toasty on even the chilliest mornings yet…

Jersey Review: Kalf Flux Chevron

Interestingly, where some closer-fitting jerseys can feel tight, bordering on the uncomfortable, there’s no sense of that in this medium size, a testament to the natural give in the fabric.…

Zahira Diamant Cycling Jersey

Still, I know people who loved the design, so I’m putting this down to personal preference, and will now review it as if the design is something much more neutral…
Tenspeed Hero Jersey. © Flickr

Tenspeed Hero Resort Sherbet 2.0

Tenspeed Hero Resort Sherbet 2.0; Their Best Jersey Yet? Tenspeed Hero Jersey. © Flickr Tenspeed Hero isn’t shy about catering to the skinny racer set. The Resort Sherbet 2.0 jersey…

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