Collagen: TRR Nutrition Helping to Support Active Lifestyles



Collagen Helps Support Bones and Joints

As an avid gym-goer who aims to visit at least five times a week, recovery and maintenance is a necessity. After trying to a plethora of different powders, pills and gummies over the years that promise to alleviate niggling pains sustained through an active lifestyle, I think I may have stumbled upon a product that truly helps.

TRR Nutrition’s Pro Advanced Collagen is a supplement developed specifically for athletes and those who undertake active lifestyles, which ultimately can be taxing on your bones and joints.


Sir Andy Murray, who has famously struggled with a persistent hip injury, worked closely with the company to develop a product which he has publicly endorsed alongside former Chelsea physio Dr Eva Carneiro.

The collagen is sold either in a powered form which is simply mixed with water, or there are convenient 50ml liquid shots that deliver all the nutrition you need in a hassle-free gulp.




Within each individual recommended dosage, there is 10,000mg of marine collagen, which TRR say is the largest structural component of cartilage and connective tissue. Its role in the body is to hold tissues and cells together, maintaining ‘proper structure, strength, and integrity.’

As well as this, it is naturally high in protein and vitamin C which contributes to the normal function of bones and cartilage, and also contains copper, tumeric and glucosamine which together all work in tandem to grow and lubricate damaged cartilage.

As someone who has struggled with joint pain in my left shoulder for the past two years, I have very quickly noticed the difference after using this for just a few weeks. Despite the sporadic pain, I will still aim to complete two shoulder workouts per-week which normally leaves me unable to move it as freely over the rest period on the weekends.




However, I have noticed a considerable difference in my mobility and there is almost next-to-no pain. Although that is my own personal experience, many users have also said it helps with tendonitis and chronic joint pain, which are common injuries amongst cyclists.

This is a particularly good product for those who are actively involved in competitive cycling and struggle to recover as quickly as they would like to. As well as this, it would be useful to help with recovery on a touring trip where riding is likely to completed on many consecutive days.



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