Cycling around Lake Annecy

Sometimes called the Venice of the Alps, beautiful Annecy and its mountain surrounded lake is a very popular places to cycle. It is also one of the most popular tourist sites in France.

Annecy in the Haute-Savoie region of the French Alps is a town that offers many sporting activities and one of the most popular is cycling. There are cycle routes all around Lake Annecy that cyclists can use and the countryside and scenery they go through is spectacular. Mountains and forests overlook the sparkling waters below.

The circumference of Lake Annecy is around 50km and a cycle pathway takes you right around most of the lake’s picturesque shores. So it is possible to go all the way around the lake on your bike or to take shorter rides and stop off at places of interest along the way. The choice is yours and most of the route is fairly flat making it an easy ride for cyclists young and old.

If you stop off anywhere along the cycle route for a break and something to eat and drink perhaps, you might get chatting to local people you meet.

There are parks and beaches on the shores of Lake Annecy where plenty of people gather to relax and enjoy the scenery and sunshine, but there are also parts of the cycle path that take you away from the lake and through lush green meadows and passing traditional farms. In spring the area is made even more beautiful by all the flowers that have come into bloom but, approaching the other end of the year, the autumn too is a really good time for cycling because you can appreciate the colours of leaves that are fallen or still on the trees.

As well as the cycle paths on the more or less flat areas around Lake Annecy there are several cycling climbs that go uphill into the mountains around the lake. These cycle routes that climb will appeal to the more adventurous and energetic cyclist.
Le Semnoz is on the western side of Lake Annecy and is a mountain with a very steep climb if you go through the forests. There are gentler ways of getting to the top where there is a ski station. Le Semnoz was a part of the Tour de France a few years back and there are five cycling routes that can be taken here. The views are breathtaking from this mountain.

Balade en vÈlo sur la piste cyclable du lac d’Annecy

Admittedly, the cycling climbs will often be more suitable for experienced and professional cyclists but some of the routes are easier and you can decide what suits you best. If you enjoy cycling, in the Annecy area you will be spoiled for choice.

Where to stay?
Hotel Auberge Camelia is cyclist friendly accommodation located just 10km from Lake Annecy

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