Scot Whitlock

Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight

Once again, I am holidaying somewhere familiar. I wouldn’t like to think of myself as a completely predictable pack driven individual but from past experiences, it’s apparent I like certain…


Any ride is a good ride in our book, We love the simplicity of exploration on two wheels, regardless of the weather. With this in mind we had a plan…
Wild Atlantic Way

Wild Atlantic Way

Wild Atlantic Way New Year’s Day is always an anti-climax, all the partying of the festive period (which invariably lasts at least a week) is over and even the normally…

Exploring Scotland

So, as I sat on a flight up to the Scotland’s capital on what could only be described as a Cortina with wings (and more worryingly propeller’s) I tentatively approached…
The Lakes

Destination: The Lakes

On the 10th July 2017, the Lake District received World Heritage Site status, positioning it alongside destinations such as the Taj Mahal, the Tower of London and the Great Barrier…

Destination: Amsterdam

I knew the time would come when I would eventually travel to Amsterdam and jump on a bicycle, the city is synonymous with the bike, around every corner and in…

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