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1bike1world Interview

After leaving his hometown of Dunbar in Scotland to get away from the 9-5 life over 2.5 years ago, Dean has successfully managed to travel the world on his trusty bike. However, 3 months into the journey on the Bosnia-Montenegro border, everything changed for the cyclist. But it wasn’t because of a turbulent problem that his adventure would shift so significantly.

Quite the opposite, in fact. Dean had fallen in love… with a beautiful, abandoned kitten who he was determined to care for. He named the cat Nala and the two became inseparable. And now, as they travel from country to country, still by bike and with Nala perched gracefully on Dean’s shoulder, the pair are greeted with smiles and photos. We at Bike-Mag spoke to them to find out all about their adventure so far.

1bike1world Interview

What was is that sparked your love for cycling? 

I’ve cycled my entire life, had a bike for as young as I can remember and whether it was for cycling to school, cycling my paper round or cycling to work its always been part of my life and I’ve always loved it

You are from Dunbar in Scotland. What was the cycling scene like there growing up? 

My hometown Dunbar has some beautiful cycling as well as the surrounding areas that can appeal to all levels of cycling. We have the Lammermuir hills on one side if you’re wanting a challenge and the east coast on the other if you’re looking for some lovely scenery to cycle along to

What made you decide to start your global adventure? 

Boredom. Bored of being in the same routine, bored working Monday to Friday. the idea came about when me and my friend Ricky (who I set off with) were sitting talking one night and he wanted to go to Mexico and travel there. I suggested why don’t we just cycle the world instead and the next day he came back to me and said lets go for it. That was it really, after the decision was made we set a date to leave and stuck to it…

Credit: @1bike1world 1bike1world.com

Grace Barnott Palin
When not cycling the streets and ‘countryside’ of London with her husband, Grace is giving her cats way too much attention.

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May 2021

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