4 Celebrities Who Love Cycling


4 Celebrities Who Love Cycling

We all love cycling, right?

That’s why you’re on this site. For whatever reason, you love getting in the saddle and experiencing the freedom a cycle gives you. Whether you are cycling to get fit, cycling to cope with grief or wanting to see more of the Great British countryside, there is nothing quite like getting out and racking up the miles on the roads and tracks of the country.

Cycling appeals to many people from all walks of life. During the last 18 months or so, cycling numbers went up by more than 45% as people saw the hobby as an escape. When otherwise confined to their homes, the population felt freedom on a cycle that couldn’t be experienced anywhere else.

That didn’t just apply to regular people either – plenty of celebrities were out on their bikes enjoying the one slice of freedom they could get. Cycling is hugely popular amongst celebrities, with hundreds of famous faces happy to get out on their bikes whenever they can. Whilst fitness and health is sure to be one strong reason, there must also be anonymity with a helmet on that perhaps some cannot get out on the street.

Who are these famous faces, I hear you ask? Well, here are five that you may or may not know regularly get out on two wheels.

Pippa Middleton

If you spot Pippa Middleton on the streets of Chelsea this year, she will most likely be on a bike. Pippa is famous for being the younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, and she is a keen cyclist. In 2014, she joined brother James in a team of eight cyclists tackling the 3,000 mile Race Across America, although as a mum and a wife these days, her cycling is limited to getting around the capital.

Matt Damon

Another one of our 4 celebrities who love cycling is Matt Damon; one of the most recognised stars in the world. Everyone will know him from somewhere, although perhaps he is most famous for playing the role of Jason Bourne in films of the same name. His likeness didn’t appear in the video games based on the series though. According to Mashable, he was absent from The Bourne Conspiracy on PlayStation 3 despite developers being keen to have his likeness licensed. Perhaps, because there were no cycling elements to the game, it disappointed Damon. He’s a keen cyclist and recently completed the gruelling Cape Argus tour on a tandem with his brother Kyle.

Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe is another actor with the pulling power to spawn video games based on his movies. It’s easy to see why: blockbusters such as Gladiator feature themes developers love to play upon, as did Robin Hood. Crowe is well known for his awful Midlands’ accent in Robin Hood, but the character is famous thanks to many big-screen adaptations and video games. Hood: Outlaws and Legends came out around the time of Crowe’s film but didn’t have his face in it. Mobile games, such as the Foxy Bingo game Robin Hood’s Wild Forest, also leaned heavily on Crowe’s character without directly referencing him.

However, those depictions help ensure that an average film remains one that Crowe is known for, as the character was perhaps bigger than the actor that played him. They could perhaps use Crowe’s likeness in a cycling game though: he once challenged a journalist to a cycle race and is often seen around on the streets of Sydney in the saddle. Just don’t ask him to do a voiceover in a Midlands’ accent.

Gordon Ramsay

The angry chef famous around the world is another who has spawned TV shows and online slots, and he is another who is incredibly comfortable on a bike. He loves sampling great food, which led him to go on a health kick. He is now reported to cycle 100km in one session, leaving his family home in Trebetherick in Cornwall and heading off down the coastal paths. It’s not a popular sight with locals though – he was warned by coastguards during lockdown for being too far from his house and was blasted by locals. It seems whether he’s in the kitchen or the saddle, Gordon Ramsey is a controversial figure.

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