Bee Network: The Cycling Revolution


Bee Network proposed for £1.5 billion includes segregated and interlinked cycle lanes and with the first scheme, the renovation of a stretch of the Bridgwater Canal, previously known as the ‘muddy mile’, opening in July last year.

The creation across Greater Manchester of the UK’s largest cycling network would result in 2.5 million daily trips on foot or by bike, a new report reveals today.

The proposed ‘Bee Network‘ – a 1800 miles of protected space across Manchester – would lead to a 350 per cent increase in cycling alone, alongside huge health and resulting financial benefits.

Civic leaders will present the report to Westminster next month and call for ‘sustained funding’ for the scheme over 10 years, saying Greater Manchester’s approach would provide a national blueprint to reduce congestion, fight air pollution and promote healthy lifestyles.

Plans for 17 ‘filtered neighbourhoods’ have also been announced.

Modeled on communities in the Netherlands, they are neighbourhoods where the movement of people is prioritised over motor vehicles.

Typically they are achieved by creating cul-de-sac-style access for cars, but allowing through traffic for people walking and cycling, creating spaces to play and socialise, and enabling the creation of more green spaces.

The ‘Change a Region to Change a Nation’ report, jointly commissioned by Transport for Greater Manchester, Greater Manchester Combined Authority and the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, details for the first time the projected impact the Bee Network scheme would have.

They include a 350 per cent increase in daily cycling trips, up from 100,000 to 450,000.

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