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Welcome to BIKE Magazine June 2021 issue

June 2021

June 2021

As the world has been thrown into turmoil these past few months, it’s no secret that cycling has not been our number one priority. Yet, as vaccines increase and restrictions ease, we are once again going out on our bikes and are getting achy legs, sore bums and sweaty backs. And, oh! Is it worth it?!

For those that aren’t aware, World Bicycle Day falls on 3rd June this year and with so many of us getting back on the beloved beasts of recent, there has never been a better time to make the most of all the great things the world of the biking has to offer.

In this issue, we embrace all these wonderful things as are reminded of what it’s like to enjoy the cycling festivities that countries around the world celebrate. We get a feel for that fantastic French, Portuguese, Greek and Italian hospitality that the global cyclists among us, who will no doubt have reems of great European biking stories to tell, will know all too much about.  We also read about the wonders that bikes can do for our bone health when it seems like we are out of options and we are also lucky enough to experience the beautiful world of cycling through photos and illustrations.

Of course, we have our usual health advice and for when the time is right, there is also some guidance on how to fly with your own bicycle (it turns out it’s much easier than you may realise).

Whether you have the opportunity to go somewhere far beyond or are just staying local, accept that adventurous cycling spirit and create your own stories wherever your two-wheeled friend is taking you.

Grace Barnott Palin – Editor in Chief

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