BIKE Magazine May 2022 issue


BIKE Magazine May 2022 Cover
BIKE Magazine May 2022 Cover

May is one of the most beautiful months in my humble opinion. Especially if you are lucky enough to live close to some ancient woodlands, in which the ground gets carpeted with bluebells for several stunning weeks, each year.

It’s the perfect time to hop on your bike and get out and about on the roads and trails that cover this nation’s beautiful countryside, even if just for the smell of the flowers and blossoms alone.

It’s certainly the month of new-found inspiration; the celebration of May Day dates back to pagan times, when Romans celebrated the festival of Flora, the goddess of flowers and spring, and in Britain, Celtic people celebrated the festival of Beltane, which marks the halfway point between spring and summer.

These celebrations of new life and fertility continue to this day, and include the famous Morris dancing and the traditional dancing around the maypole, a ritual (or similar) which takes place in towns and villages the world over.

So, if you are feeling suitably motivated by the weather, then why not read through this May issue of BIKE magazine to get some ideas!

We have features from around the globe in this issue, with cycling and backpacking adventures in South America, Italy, France and our very own Mendips. We also have a round-up of the best countries to visit for various extreme activities, whether you are looking for extreme mountain bike trails, the smoothest, longest roads and/or some testing gravel tracks, then look no further than inside this issue.

We also have expert advice from coach, Ian Jenner, and also information on some top bike trips and training camps for you to experience in Italy. These events will not only be a once in a lifetime experience, but will provide you with real training, advice and improvement in your cycling. Why not check them out?

So, there’s no excuses stopping you from getting out and about this month, there’s lots to see, do and experience from two wheels. 

I hope you enjoy this issue and feel suitably inspired to get out on your bike. If you’ve had any adventures of your own, or have any other cycling related news, views and stories you’d like to share, then please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Get on your bike, have fun, be safe.



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