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Chase The Sun

On Saturday 19th June Cameron Sharp embarked on a 200 mile bike ride as part of Chase the Sun UK North ride. The cyclists set off at sunrise 4.27am from the beachfront at Tynemouth and finished in Prestwick for sunset.  A route full of stunning vistas, wilderness, heaths, rivers, lochs, castles and beaches.
Cameron is raising awareness and urgently needed funds for Pans Pandas UK. Pans Pandas is inflammation of the brain triggered by an infection causing debilitating symptoms including:-OCD, Regression, Motor and Vocal Tics, Eating Disorders and Anxiety.  It is estimated that 1 in 200 young people are affected and it seems to be increasing with Covid.  Please visit for more information

Cameron Sharp
Cameron Sharp

Cameron had never heard of Pans Pandas until his best friend’s daughter developed the condition 3 years ago after Glandular Fever and Strep throat. He was shocked to learn how difficult it was for the family to get a diagnosis and treatment on the NHS. They decided to seek private treatment and thankfully their daughter is now improving.

Pans Pandas is not rare just rarely diagnosed, currently only 5% of GPs are aware of the condition.  It is Pans Pandas UK’s mission to ensure the NHS provide a speedy diagnosis and effective treatment for all children and young adults. They aim to educate the medical community as well as offering support for families affected by this brain inflammation.  One of their current projects is to develop training for schools and help raise awareness amongst the teaching profession. This initiative has just been given CPD accreditation but they need funds to be able to deliver it. The money raised by people like Cameron will help to make these projects a reality.

Cameron, 49 lives in Bristol, he used to work in Insurance and now works in the railway industry. He has always loved cycling and took his two sons on lots of cycling holidays when they were younger. He commuted from Nailsea to Bristol, 10 miles each way for 20 years.

Other Bike Rides include:
Coast to Coast Whitehaven to Newcastle, Ilframcombe to Plymouth, Kidwelly to Bristol. In 2019 he did the monster triathlon,, this was his first and only triathlon! 7 days, 5km swim, 500 miles on bike, 31-mile run. Glasgow to London.
For Chase the Sun, North, Cameron’s training has involved plenty of 8-10 hour rides in the saddle though rain, hail and luckily some sun!  Mostly on hilly Sustran Routes – Chepstow, Monmouth, Usk, up to Hay Bluff.
Cameron’s brother completed the Chase the Sun South a few years ago and asked if he wanted to take part in the ‘North’,Cameron jumped at the chance. The brothers were supported by their Mum & Dad in a camper van during the race.

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