Could this be your dream cycling holiday?


Could this be your dream cycling holiday? – Experience a once in a lifetime trip along Italy’s beautiful Lake Como on two wheels this summer.

With the long winter slowly falling away, it’s only natural that your thoughts are turning towards the summer and how soon you can get away. The fantasy of sitting in the Mediterranean sun, experiencing the beauty of nature and after a long day of soaking up the scenery, resting in a comfortable home from home, is drawing closer. What’s more exciting is the idea of something like a cycling holiday for a chance to cover a path well beaten whilst having complete travel freedom. 

Lake ComoWell, when globe-trotting with Il Perlo, the adventure is no longer just a daydream! Whether traveling with your own familiar equipment or wanting to hire out some of our reliable and trustworthy gear, we have a package for anyone who wants able to spend their time cycling across the breathtaking Lake Como, ride the roads of Il Lombardia or travel with champions like Alberto Elli as your main guide. Your dream cycling holiday is just a click away (?). 

As part of an original fantasy cycling holiday with Ilperlo, cyclists can travel across the southern Brianza hills and along the shores and mountains of Lake Como, where you will have the opportunity to experience one of Italy’s finest cycling regions. Cyclists will have the chance to witness unforgettable gorges, discover ancient paths and embrace the natural world.

The equipment

Whether traveling with your own equipment or wanting to rent, we understand everybody’s needs and so we can also supply you with bike rentals if you need it. Be like a local and test the Italian style PINARELLO bikes with Comolagobike, the only full-service bike rental and guiding service in the area. We take away the worry of hiring equipment and from the blue waters of Lake Como to the green meadows of the valleys, we make travel even easier.

For those up for a challenge, more experienced cyclists can attempt the Ghisallo and Muro di Sormano (wall of Sormano), a road famed for having a gradient of up to 25%.

 But at the end of the day, whether expert or novice, holidaymakers can sleep in a First Bike Hotel on Lake Como. This is a great chance to combine a cycling getaway with romance for that perfect memorable holiday. – can put more on ramance if wanted.

Cycling companionsYour cycling companions

Our knowledgable and welcoming staff are just as passionate about biking as we are. They can provide you with more than just the best routes, they know the ins and outs of the area like the back of their hand and they can’t wait to pass their knowledge on to you. On your adventure, you can get to know our staff who also offer weekly guided tours. 

Not only do the guides have the knowledge, but they have the personality too. They are intuitive companions who are happy, friendly and always up for a laugh. Our guides don’t shy away from adventure and are often known to make spontaneous detours to show you something special, making your trip just that bit more unique. As an added bonus, they act as your personal paparazzi and at the end of the tour they will feel just like family. All the guides are certified with AmiBike.

As part of our services, we supply suitable biking holiday equipment and accommodation for anyone wanting to visit the area of Lake Como on their dream holiday. We understand that everyone has different needs and so we have a package suited to everyone. 

Full Gas

HOTEL IL PERLO PANORAMAFor the ultimate cycling holiday on Lake Como, if you want, we can take care of all your needs, giving you more time to do what you wish. Our PRO package is for those wanting an all-inclusive trip and from sports massages to guided tours, has everything you want to make your stay just that bit easier. Our professionals will take care of all the planning and bicycle care, meaning all you have to do is ride and relax as part of your dream cycling holiday at Lake Como.

Come evening, you will be able to stay at Hotel Il Perlo Panorama, the region only Italy Bike Hotel which is located along the famous Madonna del Ghisallo climb. The hotel’s terrace overlooks lakes and mountains, which you can observe every morning, giving you a taster of the luscious greenery you will experience in the day ahead. This is possibly the best fuel you can have to get you started in the day and you will be taking part this rare beauty in the best way possible: on two wheels! 

Rates for this experience start at €582 per person for double occupancy, making this package perfect for a romantic getaway or simply as a memorable trip with friends. 


Amateur cyclingFor those that want to enjoy the professional services available on our daily tours, but want to bring your own bike, we have the perfect service for you in the form of our Amateur package. With this deal, our experts can help you to explore mountains and experience the beautiful Italian countryside at Lake Como whilst still being able to bring your own, trusted bike.

As part of your dream cycling holiday, you will be able to stay at the region’s only Italy Bike Hotel located along the legendary Madonna del Ghisallo climb! Enjoy the view from the hotel’s terrace overlooking lakes and mountains each morning and use it as fuel for your ride ahead.

Rates for this package are from €325 per person in a double occupancy room, giving you and somebody close to you the opportunity to enjoy this amazing trip together. 

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Do It Yourself

Church Saints Peter and PaulIf you have your own bike and are simply wanting a self-sufficient adventure where you can explore the amazing Lake Como in your own time, then the Do-It-Yourself package is for you. Make your dream cycling holiday your very own experience. At the end of the day, you can stay in the only hotel located along the legendary Madonna del Ghisallo, a place that is a member of the Italy Bike Hotels Consortium. Each morning, you can enjoy the breath-taking view from the hotel terrace, giving you just a taster of what the day head will hold for you on the spectacular journey you will embark on in the best way possible: on two wheels! 

This package can be enjoyed from €253 per person in a double occupancy room, allowing for both solo and couple travel. 

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