Cycling across Cuba


Cycling across Cuba

Cycling across Cuba is an incredible and worthwhile adventure, but is a trip that requires good planning and the understanding that the countryside is still undeveloped and resources are quite scarce.

It’s a beautiful place with amazingly curious, welcoming, spirited people. Music and smiles are everywhere. It is place of mystery and discovery and truly an unforgettable experience. We rode though places that have not seen tourists yet and we were greeted with kindness and support the whole way. The people are spectacular and extremely vibrant. The roads we travelled were of mixed terrain and often beautiful. The backroads can be challenging but worth every ounce of the effort. Bikes of all kind are everywhere in Cuba and to us it still remains the best way to travel, discover, and commute.


On the way to Sancti di Spiritus

Most of the art we saw had to do with the revolution and Fidel, so this piece was interesting. My rig was a standard Cross Bike loaded with front and rear bags and my tent poles and stakes strapped to my top-tube.