HIMO H1 Launches in March 2020

HIMO H1 is award-winning design foldable e-bike that gives you the perfect ride. 

Shanghai HiMo Electric Technology is a startup company specializes in the research, development and production of two-wheeled electric vehicles. Today, they team announced the launch of HIMO H1, an e-bike with a futuristic design that could fold into a compact A3 format with the built-in folding mechanism. Almost every part of the e-bike could be fold, including the seats and the handles. The revolutionary design won the German Reddot Design Award in 2019 because of its H shape, which displays a concise, minimalist design language. The e-bike is convenient, user-friendly, and great for everyone. HiMo H1 is now available on Indiegogo

HiMo H1 is ultra-foldable and space-saving. It could easy fit in the car booth, sit beside you on the train, or sit under your desk. At only 32lbs, the e-bike could withstand weight of up to 200lbs and could travel at a maximum speed of 18km/h. its welded aluminum alloy frame ensures quality and durability. The scratch-proof paint also protects the body frame from tiny rocks and sand. It is the perfect e-bike for go-getters or e-bike lovers. Check out the video

Unlike most e-bikes available in the market, Himo H1 is build to provide the perfect ride. The design is ergonomic, and it comes with a comfortable padded mesh seat. Besides that, the removable lithium battery includes eight power protection features to ensure the safety and lifespan of the battery. 

“We strive to provide the best comprehensive digital solutions for green, urban mobility. Our aim is to give people a smart and convenient way of getting around, all while having more fun! . We’re committed to setting the trends in smart and eco-friendly vehicles, and to be the leading brand in the two-wheeler vehicle industry!”- HiMo Team

HiMo H1 is available now with special deals and discounts for early backers. Click here to learn more.

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