Interview: Kleon Papadimitriou (From Scotland to Greece in 2020 Pandemic)



Kleon Papadimitriou: No flights? No problem, I’ll ride my bike!

Acknowledgment: Special acknowledgements to Kleon Papadimitriou for his time and kindness, Ms. Anna Lanciani and Ms. Adriana Piazza for their linguistic support and Mr. Antonio Saina for his technical sound assistance

Good afternoon everybody. This is Ms. Perea Costa. This afternoon I am with some of the students from 4th and 5th class, section Q, at Liceo Montale in Rome. Today we are very happy, it is a real pleasure for us to host a very special guest, Kleon Papadimitriou.

-Good afternoon Kleon!

-Good afternoon, thank you very much for having me

Before departure
Before departure

For those who are listening to us I would like to introduce a little bit better how we got to this meeting. Last summer we read a newspaper article about  a very special person. The heading of the article said “Homesick student rides a bike from Scotland to Greece to join his family”. The article reported a 48 days cycling ride and more than 4000 kilometres, that was really incredible !

So, when we read it, we were deeply amazed and we thought that it could be very interesting to meet this person, to ask him some more questions, to have the opportunity to get to know him better … And finally,  here we are!

Dear Kleon, you are that student, the same brave person we read about in the newspapers, and we are so happy to meet you. We know well that  you are very busy with your studies at university so we all thank you so much for being so nice and kind sharing part of your time with us.

So guys, now it’s your turn. I’ll mute my microphone. If you are ready: let’s start!

Hi Kleon Papadimitriou, I’m Edoardo and I would like to know how has your life changed after this experience, have you noticed any changes in your life? 

Kleon Papadimitriou: I’d say the biggest part of my life that’s changed is that I see many stressful situations very differently now, I’m a lot more calm and I can behave very differently whereas in the past, when I get stressed, when I get nervous; on top of that I think it’s really blossomed my  want to travel,  so the only thing I think about doing in my free time is travelling and see new places…

M.Luz Perea Costa

M.Luz Perea Costa, Spanish Sign Language Interpreter for Deaf / Deafblind people, Sociolinguistic Researcher, Official Interpreter/ Translator registered at Italian Court and High school teacher of Spanish Language in Italian Public Schools

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April 2021

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