KOO Eyewear Launch New PHOTOCHROMIC Lens and Optical Clip


KOO’s Latest Innovation in Cycle Eyewear

KOO Eyewear have revealed an all-new variable tint PHOTOCHROMIC lens designed to rapidly adapt to match changeable light conditions , as well as an Optical Clip for ophthalmic lens application, suitable for use with their existing DEMOS and SPECTRO models.

Designed with challenging conditions in mind, mountainous and cloudy conditions can quickly give way to clearer, brighter weather and subsequently increased glare. The PHOTOCROMIC lens darkens on exposure to light of sufficiently high frequency and become clearer in shaded areas, so even flickering light between towering branches will trigger the protective technology in this latest addition from KOO.


Becomes Clearer in Shaded Conditions
Darker Lens Activated in High-Intensity UV


With a variable VLT (69 to 12%) and offering 100% UV protection, the lens also features an anti-fog internal coating, providing excellent performance when humidity is high.

The PHOTOCHROMIC spare lenses are available in Pink for both SPECTRO and DEMOS:
  • SPECTRO & DEMOS PHOTOCHROMIC PINK lens are priced at £79.99
The SPECTRO and DEMOS are available as complete glasses:
  • SPECTRO Black/Photochromic priced at £179
  • DEMOS White/Photochromic priced at £169



As well as this, KOO have also launched the new Optical Clip alongside the new lens and allows you to mount ophthalmic lenses to the DEMOS and SPECTRO glasses.

Instead of enduring the fiddly and often off-putting act of stuffing your prescription glasses behind your cycling eye-wear, the Optical Clip  has been designed and constructed using 3D printing technology, allowing for a flexible and discrete form, barely visible through the sunglasses.


KOO Optical Clip


It is quick and easy to install; apply light pressure on the nose pads from above on the central part of the clip until you hear a click. Those with ophthalmic lens needs can now experience the same world class ergonomics, precision Zeiss lenses and incredible debris protection.

The Optical Clip is priced at £49.99.




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