Lake Balaton – The Hungarian Sea By Bicycle


Lake Balaton is one of the best thing what you can find in Hungary.

Balaton is the largest lake in Central Europe and the most popular part of Hungary. It is excellent for swimming and cycling. The northern shore has hills and the most beautiful region with meadows, forests and ravines.The area is well known for its white and red wines. The wildlife is extremely rich and the landscape is unique in many ways.

Lake Balaton

Bike tour

On the bike path you can circle this Hungarian lake in one day. The path is about 210 kilometres in length. The road is mostly flat however there are smaller and larger hills. All the way is not so dreary area except the north parts. Following the path there are little villages and towns about 2-3 kilometres apart a where you can buy more provisions if needed. The inhabited area gives us a special experience.

Every little villages and towns have different feelings and can give you special products and buzzes. The main period is from May to September. There are buffets restaurants and refreshment rooms especially in the main season. Tourists are mainly there to swim in the Balaton and enjoy the summer. Most catering units do not operate between October and March. If you do not have local knowledge but want to go you need to prepare in advance. No need to worry if you are not visiting Lake Balaton in the main season, all basic cycling needs can be found in every petrol station .

The distance is not small and this could easily be a one big day trip.

It may take a while to complete the full circle around the lake so make sure your speed is around 15-20 km/h. If you are in a good shape you can easily complete this trip. It is a good idea to make this average speed if you want to finish your one-day bicycle trip in time. You can finish your trip within 11 hours however if you take regular breaks it can be more than 15 hours. Best time to start is around 6am. Of course not only the enjoyment of the landscape and the sights will dominate. A good idea is to start this journey with someone on the same lever of cycling training.

Lake Balaton
Lake Balaton

What to prepare 

Due to the good infrastructure there is no need for stocking on snacks, toiletries and change clothes. You can leave your unnecessary things at the accommodation. An additional benefit of the one-day trip is that you only have to take with you what you will need for that day.  You only need a bottle of water, map, wallet, and a phone.

The most important is the bottle of water so make sure you have it at the start of the trip but you can buy in the shops and all train stations. One more thing – make sure your bike has a holder for your bottle. This can be very handy. The water is also very practical not just for drinking but good help in the summer heat. Inner tube and pump can be very useful but if you do get in need you can ask for help at the petrol stations. Just wear comfortable clothes.


Before departure start the day with a rich breakfast and after that complete the first 35-55 kilometres without stopping. The best way is to have breaks every 20 kilometres. You have to eat many times throughout the day but don’t eat heavy food. This is not the right time to break your pancake record. Eat fruits and foods with high carbs and some salty snacks. Banana and salmon are good choice while almonds and blueberries are perfect for snacking.

From personal experience Tihany and Szigliget are the most spectacular towns around the lake. Balaton can give you an unforgettable experience with a lot of excitements. Be brave and make your own record with this one-day bicycle ride.

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