Latest GP5000 from Continental


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Latest GP5000 from Continental

Three new models of its famous Grand Prix 5000 tyre have been announced by Continental. A new colour choice that Continental has called “transparent” is perhaps the most interesting of the new tyres. 

The transparent GP5000 first appeared on the internet store Wiggle, which seems to have been a mistake. For the full details of these now officially unreleased tyres, we reached out to Continental. 

Despite the term, for a darker tan sidewall effect, the tyre itself is not translucent, but the name refers to the construction that leaves the nylon carcass visible. The transparent colour will only be available with 25 or 28mm clincher options.

GP5000 Continental

While Continental last year offered a limited edition tan sidewall variant of the GP5000, the GP 5000 TdF LTD 2020 (now sold out) differed from the standard GP5000 in that the tan effect was courtesy of the additional layer of rubber used on the sidewall, resulting in a brighter tan colour. 

In any other aspect of the famous all-round road tyre, the new transparent tyre is similar to the regular GP5000. The same Black Chili compound, active comfort technology, Vectran puncture breaker, and laser grip have been retained by Continental, suggesting the same rolling and puncture-resistant properties.

A new GP5000 30mm clincher, specifically designed for e-bikes and certified for speeds of up to 50kph / 31mph, has also been announced by Continental. In developing a tyre certified for e-bike use, Continental relied on its 100+ years of experience with moped and motorbike tyres. Increased wear rates are said to result from the additional driving forces on an e-bike or S-Pedelec. The high-quality structure and puncture protection in the E50 GP5000 defends against this premature tyre wearing, according to Continental.

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