OREKA Training launch a revolutionary direct drive machine


The company of Indoor Training goods will launch a new and revolutionary direct drive system, the new OREKA O5.

The new machine will bring the riders the opportunity to feel free when pedalling thanks to an adjustable balancing system that allows the rider moves the bicycle like outdoor.

With this system, no additional platform is needed to feel a more comfortable and realistic training and will avoid the rider from suffering painful or injuries in long training sessions. The system is called ERGODYNAMIC and the engineers of the brand have explained us the features.

“It’s a patented system with two main characteristics:

– Transfer the balance of pedalling from the road to indoor training: you can get up, sprint, just like on the road.

– It is a safe and simple system, with sensors that guarantee a smooth training experience. Dynamic and freedom of movement, reduction of muscle overloads and injuries due to spending lots of hours in a static position. Oreka trainers allow enjoying hours and hours of training with completely natural pedalling sensation, which means that the muscles don’t get hurt. This makes OREKA TRAINING the ideal training tool for professionals right through to the enthusiast.”

The OREKA machine is also provided with other special features offering the opportunity to use it without plug to the electric power. The trainer works without having to plug it in, thanks to the permanent magnet motor. This engine, along with the steering wheel of inertia and electronic elements, is configured to generate energy from motion. With that energy, the trainer communicates with apps and controls the resistance.

It also has an electric brake with electromagnets and permanent magnets rows, which generate its own energy. The trainer uses this energy to produce the required resistance. It allows you to train outdoors and warm-up like a professional before races with all the features of a great trainer.

The new trainer is easy to setup, just get on and ride. The resistance is produced by a magnetic field that is regulated and adjusted automatically, increasing or decreasing the current that passes through the electromagnets. This results in a functional resistance unit that requires no maintenance or contact. So that you can concentrate on riding and getting the most out of your workout.

Easy to transport. Just in the case you want to bring it with you for your holidays or for a training session with your colleagues. It’s the end of heavy loads to be transported by hand. They are foldaway and easy to store. They are the best options to warm-up outdoors before races, bike trials or track events. The OREKA O5 model has been designed as a trolley system with wheels so it can be easily transported.

The brand didn’t announced final pricing of the new machine but they have communicated that will be in the same level of pricing of the current top level direct drives (Tacx Neo, Elite Drivo, Wahoo Kickr). Availabity of the machine will be also announced coming soon.

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