We Love Old Inner Tubes!


We Love Old Inner Tubes!

In a quiet corner of a former pottery factory in Stoke On Trent, there is a small but dedicated group who are determined to make a difference, a big difference and there’s no stopping us….

Imagine huge quantities of used inner tubes from the UK, add a skilled team of tailors in Malawi, and the result is a beautiful range of functional products with a new lease of life.

We are Cycle of Good and inner tubes are our thing! We’re on a mission to save 100% of used inner tubes from landfill and our faithful army of inner tube donators span from Land’s End to John O’ Groats and despite collecting over 14,000 in last 12 months, we need more, many more.

This is why we are calling all cyclists, cycle stores, repair shops and clubs to send every single tube to Cycle of Good and save tonnes from being sent to landfill every year. It’s a major undertaking but we are prepared for the challenge!

We Love Old Inner Tubes!

Cycle of Good Business Manager, Kelly Shenton explains why she needs tonnes of tubes:

“The tubes are sent to Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world, where the we have several established social enterprise projects creating education and employment. Our trained tailors wash and sew these tubes in our workshop in Chilomoni township, and create new wallets, phone cases, bags, pannier straps and more. We bring the products into to the UK for retail and 100% of the income generated goes straight back into the project to fund further childcare and non-profit development in Malawi.”

As well as a strong collective belief in reducing waste, Cycle of Good is convinced that the best way out of poverty is to create meaningful jobs “Instead of letting a perfectly good engineered material sit in landfill, we re-purpose into something useful, provide an income for a tailor who is valued and earns above the living wage in Malawi and invests in future development work, that’s why it’s called the Cycle of Good! Aside from the enterprise in Malawi, the Cycle of Good HQ in Stoke on Trent has also created 12 jobs including 3 apprenticeships.

Cycle of Good is no stranger to organising nation-wide recycling having collected tens of thousands of Royal Mail postal bikes and converted many into the popular “Elephant Bike”.

If you can help collect or post tubes to:

Cycle of Good

Krizevac Project

Atlas Works

Paragon Road

Longton, Stoke-on-Trent


Clubs or bike shops who would like to act as a local collection point can email Kelly kelly.shenton@cycleofgood.comor call 01543 888494 to chat about how we can work together to organise larger collections.

For Further information on what we do and to view the products: www.cycleofgood.com

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