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May is a time when we can officially go outside without bringing an extra hat and jacket with us whenever we leave the house. And when the weather gets like this, the call of the bike makes itself known. Of course, when we are cycling and are caught up in the passion of the sport, enthusiastic cyclists among us will agree that with things start to heat up, all we want to do is rip off those restricting Lycra shorts and be at one with nature and the bike. 

But, before things get too weird. It’s probably best to keep the shorts on for now. After all, it’s only May, it’s not that warm. And you don’t want to give the drivers any unexpected surprises – because safety is always number one.  

Whilst this month’s issue is a little more subdued than the above scenario, the content is still rather exciting. Setting off in Mexico, travelling through Switzerland, Greece, Serbia and then finally arriving in France, our contributors continue to tell us about their funny, tense and, of course, memorable bike journeys across the globe. 

And sticking closer to home with a topic we can all relate to, we also talk about the joy of simply ambling around the city on our bikes. 

We also have the usual training and health advice as well as some tips when it comes to practicing yoga as a cyclist. But as well as this, we also talk about more serious topics like the importance of diversity within the cycling culture. And also, how great cycling can be to help with personal issues like grief or mental health. 

Finally, for something a little different, we also have a special interview with one man and his cat who travel the world together.

Don’t forget that Bike-Mag’s fantastic Photography 2022 contest is now open for entries. We have had some breathtakingly wonderful submissions in previous years, and we can’t wait to see even more of people’s wonderful cycling photos to come. 

So, get reading, get riding and most importantly… get your shorts back on. 

Grace Barnott Palin – Editor in Chief

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May 2021
May 2021

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