500 mile ride from Kent to Lowca

Ken Severs and his son Jonathan tackled the mammoth cycling challenge from Kent to Lowca with friends.

Their journey covered cycle paths through fields and tackling Hardknott and Wrynose passes. They even made a detour to Blackpool!

Ken said: “This is the fourth time that I have ridden up to Cumberland. We tried to split it over 12 days.”

Ken and his son completed the ride with friends Robert Taylor, David Hardie, Nigel Ambler and Matthew Maudling. A support vehicle was driven by Jeremy Hodge. They stayed in hotels along the route.

Ken said when they arrived in Lowca, he visited Micklam Cottages to see the home where he was born. He had a tour by its current owner, who gave him a Micklam brick to take back to his home in Kent.

Ken says he regularly travels back to West Cumbria to visit family and spend time with friends.

“Every year for the last 30 years I have been up for Whitehaven Grammar School reunion,” he said.

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