Arriving in Greece


We left Croatia for Greece

in early December last year with a LONG 53hr journey of two boats, a side of bickering and a main of uncertainties. We planned to spend the winter months cycling through picturesque countryside and on multiple sunny coastlines of the many dotted islands surrounding Greece.

Firstly, I’ll start by saying that we had only landed in Greece hours before we got the news that it was extending lockdowns. To that, we thought okay, not ideal, but we came up with the idea to do a Workaway (work for your accommodation) for two weeks and start mid-December instead! Clearly, that didn’t happen. The lockdown kept on getting extended, so our Workaway did too. But when it did happen, it was a great experience with a wonderful, witty and loveable character as our host.  We held out in an Airbnb after the Workaway ended until March. Yes, 3 months later!! 

That’s when the real cycling journey of Greece began! 

From the port of Patras to the City steeped in culture Athens, we took the Eurovelo 8 route. Just as we set off, not 5km even down, Samantha was chatting a mile a minute when suddenly she cycled right into a crater/pothole! With an “oops” she continued to turn the wheels a few more times before realising she had a puncture. Did I mention we only got out the door?!

It must also be mentioned that this was our very first puncture of the trip and we’d cycled through 7 countries at that point. After Colm changed the tire, realising that they are not tubeless as we had originally thought, we cycled on. 

This part of the cycling was relatively smooth, with rich blue seas stretching out ahead of us and monster mountains nestling behind giving that sense of pure freshness, we filled our lungs with crisp sea air all while the sun gently caressed our skin with the perfect temperature. The night was a different story with the temperatures dropping dramatically, leaving us generally were shaking in our tent! During this stretch, we got to wild camp at Corinth Canal, which was a highlight, one of our starred must-sees of Greece. And we managed to find other really nice camps along the way, in secluded beach coves and the likes…

Colm Larkin / Samantha Paton
Kildare, Ireland
Engaged couple travelling around the world mainly by bike 🌍🚴🚴
Currently in Greece 🇬🇷
Instagram @colmandsamstreks
We are so grateful we got this opportunity to travel together cycling laughing, crying and making memories and hope to inspire others along the way 😊🌏❤


Excerpt from BIKE Magazine, click here to continue reading the full article

May 2021


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