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Physical activity, moving, is an important part of a healthy day. That is to say, a good day comes from the workout in nature ideally too. It can come from walking, weightlifting (though hard to do outdoors), and the playing sports.

There are many ways to get it. But there for some, there are limitations in what they can do. For some, that can mean a limitation in the ways in which they are able to handle themselves in a sport where they do not have the skill.

They may have a tendon or ligament injury at the time, or surgery from years prior, that can limit their ability to play the sport with friends. Weight training can be similar, but can also be the source of injury.

As we age, we become less and less able physically and mentally to bounce back from the traumas. In terms of the physical traumas, to muscle, bone, ligament, and the like, we need to keep in mind the limitations of current physicality and of age.

There was a good article with lots of notes by Statistics UK on the benefits of lower impact exercises found in a regular upright or recumbent biking or bicycling. The article bleakly opened on the note of the level of obesity in the general population.

“In an era when nearly a third of children and youth and just under two-thirds of adults are overweight or obese, cycling for leisure or transport is a valuable form of exercise,” the report stated, Cycling is also good for the environment―commuting by bicycle helps to alleviate road congestion and noise pollution and reduces emissions.”

The benefits are for the health folks and for the environmentally minded. Not everyone is one or the other let alone both. However, there are noted risks with bicycling. Those include the possibilities of crashes.

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