BIKE Magazine August 2022 issue released today



BIKE Magazine August 2022

The summer cycling season is in full swing. Most bikers are either on a cycling vacation right now or have one planned for the future months. If you haven’t reserved yours yet, don’t worry, there’s still time; simply go to and click on Directory.

This issue contains the continuation of Pantxika and Fred’s World Tour. They’ve arrived in Guatemala and can’t wait to share their exciting narrative and stunning images with you.

Giovanni Stalloni’s narrative is also from South America. He is an accomplished photographer who has published Part 7 of his journey across America.

To learn more about the new Ribble Cycles SRAM eTap AXS x Ribble Gravel T, go to page 28.

Our journalist Beth Turner tested women’s cycling equipment from the Canadian business 7mesh, which you can find on page 44.

On page 66, there is an excellent exploratory story on Serbia.

Even though the UK’s summer weather is passed, remember to bring bottles of water and stay hydrated on your bike trips.

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