Mountain Biking: HERO Series Dates Confirmed for 2022



HERO Series Announces Another Gruelling International Circuit

The HERO Series returns for its 10th edition, with the circuit set to visit some of the most extreme courses to date to really test the competitors.

After a turbulent few years and several postponements due to the coronavirus pandemic, mountain biking enthusiasts returned for the 2021 edition back in June, and were able to test their ability on an international scale across several different climates and terrains.


The upcoming series will commence with the BMW HERO Südtirol Dolomites on 18th June 2022 in Selva di Val Gardena. Boasting routes featuring 86 km and 4,500 hm and 60 km and 3,200 hm, it is among the toughest mountain biking marathons on the planet. The Italian Alps are famously unforgiving, with long winding tracks and harsh terrain giving athletes plenty to think about.

Then moving further east for the HERO Dubai Hatta on 4th November 2022, riders can test their skill and stamina across two courses – one features 60 km and 1,600 hm, while the other one 30 km and 800 hm.

This will be the third edition of this gruelling challenge held in the Dubai desert. Escaping the hustle and bustle of the centre of Dubai, the milder climate is coupled with the untamed natural beauty of the rugged terrains, breathtaking rock formations and deep pools of natural springs to culminate in a perfect mountain biking circuit.


Dubai Hatta Desert


The third and final leg of the series will be the HERO Thailand on 12th November 2022. Again there are two routes, one boasting 65 km and 1,200 hm and the other one 30 km and 600 hm. It will take place in the northernmost city in Thailand Chiang Rai, and meander its way through the typically lush vegetation of the Thai countryside, pushing riders high into the hills and into unforgiving terrain.

Gerhard Vanzi, Organiser of the HERO Series, said, “the last months have been quite demanding. However, the strength of character and determination which all the athletes possess encouraged us and helped us improve one step at a time. We thought about them when planning the 2022 circuit – we want it to be an event boasting outstanding sporting moments but also an opportunity to share and channel positive messages.”

Chiang Rai, Rat Rong Khun Temple


Registration for the Dolomite and Thailand legs of the circuit open this weekend on October 1st, while the Dubai sign up opens a month later on November 1st.

Follow the link below to find out all the details, and see how you can test your resolve in this incredible mountain biking opportunity.


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