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Komoot unlocks Tour search in the UK – bringing inspiration and hundreds of thousands of routes to its community’s fingertips

Potsdam 2nd December 2020 – Until now, the community of komoot users residing in the UK used komoot’s interactive maps as the primary source of information for planning and navigating hikes and bike rides. Now, komoot users can search 1000’s of Tours across the UK in their Discover feeds on komoot. Tour recommendations is a newly unlocked, free feature that also lets users filter Tours on komoot by sport type, duration and difficulty. This feature removes the necessity to plan a route from scratch and inspires users with content-rich routes from their doorsteps – ready to be explored.

How Tour Recommendations work

Recommended Tours are the result of a smart technology that analyses the most popular routes and Highlights from the komoot community. Highlights are tips and recommendations added to the komoot map by local experts to help others plan their best adventures. Komoot compares a wide range of factors such as way type and surface types, activity types, relevant highlights and even high-quality imagery, to produce route recommendations that make exploring even more convenient.

Komoot unlocks Tour search in the UK
Komoot Tour

The Recommended Tours feature is very popular already in our German and Dutch speaking communities and we are very excited to unlock this in the UK where we have seen tremendous growth in terms of high-quality content. The quality of our Tour recommendations is the direct result of an enthusiastic and active community of explorers and adventurers on komoot – the more we have, the better it gets!Jonas Spengler, komoot co-founder

Routes from your doorstep – wherever that may be

Additionally, Komoot’s Tour recommendations are location-based. When using the komoot mobile apps (Android or iOS) to explore Tour recommendations, komoot automatically adjusts the results to start at the users’ current location.  This makes local exploration even more convenient in current times when restricted movement is the new normal.

Tour recommendations in other areas can be explored by zooming out or searching in a specific location. Tour recommendations are presented in a list with the highest quality Tours ranked on top.

Browse Tour recommendations and learn in more detail about how komoot’s Tour recommendations work here 

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